2 days till kick off and getting anxious

Finally, after 3 years of treatment, 2 surgeries, I am ready to start IVF.

Consent forms are done and I should start treatment on Wednesday, probably only contraceptive pill for the first two weeks but it's all feeling VERY real and very scary now. I can't quite believe it has come to this and we are one of those couples that need to try IVF.

Terrified of it not working. Anxious, excited, scared, overwhelmed, feel like I am in a bubble!

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  • I feel exactly the same, it's like your a member of an exclusive club that no one wants to join . I always assumed getting pregnant would come easy, as it usually does in my family.

    We aren't as far along in the ivf process, but I still struggle to feel positive.

    Good luck on your journey xx

  • Hi. We are due to start our second cycle of IVF next month. Even though we've already been through it and know what to expect, I'm still getting very anxious now. I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard. My mum and sister had no problems getting pregnant so I guessed I would be the same but unfortunately I need ivf. Be prepared for the ups and downs of the emotional rollercoaster that you will go through. Good luck to you and fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi Maccerpops, hows it going with the tablets? Are you doing the antagonist protocol? Well I am nearly at the end of my first ivf journey and hopefully hoping!!! I am due for my egg retrieval on Mon 10 Feb so will know more then, but I can assure you it will go very quickly. I also took the contraceptive pill I'm guessing that is because your having timed IVF and your egg collection date has already been scheduled in at the clinic? I also feel the same as you with regards to having to have IVF but I have come to realise that it is extremely common and up until I ventured down this path I had no idea how many women struggled to get pregnant! Let me know how you are getting on x x

  • Long protocol for me, start injections on 18th Feb. The weird thing at the moment is that I am now on day 10 of taking the BCP and still bleeding, very unusual for me as periods are usually 2-3 days max. Have you had this?

  • Hi , well I started the pill on day 16 of my cycle up until day 30, then waited for a bleed it started 3 days later and it lasted 7 days which for me was unusually long. I started my injections of day 2 of my final bleed, if this makes sense. I had egg retrieval on Monday and they got 16, and 8 fertilised, going back on Saturday for ET, nervous now. Every step will feel like another hurdle!!! Breathe, cry, go with it and surround yourself with people who know about this process and care x x

  • Best of luck to you, you are right to think in terms of milestones, each one brings you a little closer xx

  • Do they give you the date for egg collection on the long protocol?x

  • I've been told that the aim is for EC beginning of the week starting March 17th, with transfer at the end of the same week. It can move though depending how I respond to stims. Start the injections next Tuesday!

  • I totally understand, for me it only became real when they did the egg collection, I got through the injections ok which to be fair I was really anxious about, but my partner took control and he did them for me every morning, mixed the solutions andIi put the needle in and he pushed the liquid down!! I saw the IVF counsellor a few days before EC and she said have you considered what you will be like if you do/don't get pregnant, and up until that point i hadn't realised that I haven't allowed myself to think about either, just getting on with it probably because I might go in to melt down if I had too!!! Then came the Egg collection and I came round from sedation crying and that for me is when it became very real!!!! I wish you the best of luck keep me informed of how you get on x x x

  • Yes I have these moments when it's all very very real.. It's like watching a film of what's happening then now and then you are sucked right in. For me that has happened a few times, like when I had to lie on the theatre trolley the first time and last week at needle school.

    Everyone that I know who has had IVF had an awful time because a) they didn't understand the process and b) were not prepared for failure. I think I am as ready mentally as possible for both.. Emotionally we will see!

  • Well keep me informed of your journey x x

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