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Petrified - waiting for the phone call.

I am sat by myself waiting for the dreaded phone - getting palpitations. OH has had to go to work so I will have to deal with the news myself. First ISCI cycle we had 5 eggs, 3 mature and zero fertilisation. I was absolutely blindsided by that news. I expected at least 1 to fertilise and cried for hours. Went into internet over drive for all the reasons of zero fertilisation. We have gone for extra testing but were not able to do two of the bigs tests due to very low quantity of sperm. So none the wiser just know there are no genetic problems.

This round has been so much better and we got 16 eggs yesterday. I started to hope....but I just can't shake the dread that there will be zero fertilisation again. Having hope is the worst feeling. It just sets you up for a larger fall.

Anyways wish me luck. Going to distract myself by putting the washing away. Lucky me!

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Oh my days, wishing you so much luck! Its nerve racking at the best of times but once you have a bad cycle its even even worse! Everything crossed for you!xx

I hate these calls. I was very blasé about my last call after EC but when the told me 9 had fertilised I burst into tears. The relief was overwhelming! I hadn’t realised I was as hung up about it as I was lol. Wishing you lots of luck for great news today. I know you’ll then go onto worry about the day 3 phone call but just concentrate on today’s news for now - and keep busy, with the phone by your side lol xx

I have my fingers crossed for you. That is a good number of eggs 🙂 xx

Got my fingers crossed for you sweetheart 💕 xxx

Good luck for your call lovely xx

Wishing you lots of luck... it’s so nerve wracking waiting for that call 🙄💕 xx

I’m praying for you hen! Keep us posted! Xxx

Got the call. Out of the 16 eggs 12 were mature and injected with sperm. Only 3 fertilised normally. The embryologist said that there were sperm and egg quality issues (I'm 32 btw). Booked in for a day 5 transfer if there is anything left.

Fell numb and in limbo. Its not a normal fertilisation rate and holding no hope for transfer on Sunday. What to do next? Round three with assisted oocyte activation, donor sperm, donor egg or just move on to adoption.

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I’m sorry you are feeling numb and in limbo.

Will they not consider putting one back sooner than 5 days? I only had 1 fertilised egg during my treatment so they decided they may as well get it back in as soon as possible (I had a 2 day transfer) rather than wait to see if it got as far as blasto.


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Sorry to hear that you havent had better news! I would have a word with the clinic and ask if they can prepare for a 3 day transfer or to at least check them and see how they are doing in case at that point you perhaps only have a couple left so they can get them back asap?xx

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So sorry you feel like this.

There nothing worse.

I would advise the same as other ladies and ask for 2 or 3 day transfer, they can and do work and have lots of success.


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Thank you all for responding. If I only had one they would do a day 3 transfer but anymore day 5. Her reasoning was that if its not going to survive in the incubator till day 5 it wouldn't have survived in the womb anyway. We got a similar reason from a clinic abroad that we went to visit who said they only look at the embryos on day 5. I can kind of see the their point and it would mean I didn't have to go through the TWW for potentially no reason. I think I'm going to call back tomorrow and speak to them again. I was in a bit of a daze when taking the phone call. I'd rather know sooner than later plus we have paid extra for the embryoscope so they can check without disturbing which I though was the whole point of paying for the add on.

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I totally understand the reasoning of the 5 day if you have 3 embryos. However from my own experience my 6 embryos by day 3 werent doing so well (had 2 front runners) and I asked if my clinic would do a 3 day transfer and they said they werent set up and there wasnt time to arrange it which annoyed me as I'd had the same experience in the past. We did get to day 5 with one blastocyst which we transferred but always felt we could have had the 2 best put back on day 3....I always think better in you than the lab, as much as they can replicate a nurturing environment it cant be the same as back in you!xx

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SRA8, I know that you were hoping for more but you only need one! Everything is still possible.

If by any chance things don’t go to plan, it would be worth to investigate AOA and also see what the clinic can do about egg quality. I have been taking mild steroid and growth hormone to give me better quality eggs. Both prescribed by the clinic. I don’t know yet what was the outcome as I had my EC only today.

Sending hugs xx

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Good luck for your call today. Thinking of you.

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I'm so sorry. I know how u feel. We have low quality and quantity sperm and I have low quality eggs (im 31) Our first round 4 eggs 1 fertilised didn't make it. 2nd round 8eggs all mature only 2 fertilised. Please keep ur chin up it only takes the one xxx

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Clairet, I'm sorry you had similar experiences. Wish you luck for your next round.

I had 2 embies and a 3 day transfer. My consultant believes they are best put back sooner than in a lab and let nature take its course but everyone has different opionions on this. I only had the two so had a double embryo transfer. X

Like others have said, it only takes one. I really have everything crossed for you. Hopefully you get more answers tomorrow xx

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