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Gym/Sauna Do's and Don't

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I have recently had my sperm analysis done and it showed up some areas that hopefully can be improved. It has been and continues to be a stressful time for both of us as it has filled us with a lot of uncertainty. It is in my head 24/7 and i know my partner is hurting too at the results and that hurts me the most. I decided to make a start in the gym, cut down on alcohol (not that I did drink much), cut down on smoking but i am trying to give them up altogether. I have also started to take Wellman supplements daily.

My sperm results showed the following:

1) Sperm count is 18million, which I think is considered low but doctor not too worried about that.

2) Motility is 10% which is flagged as low and probably quite a problem.

3) Sperm mean forward progression is 1 and this seems to mean that they are moving but failing to progress forward.

4) The leukocytes are 25 which is quite high (reference range is 0-5). This may mean an infection but we asked GP about this and he didn't agree and felt antibiotics won't help.

So after my OH reading many very helpful posts on here, we realised that if I make some adjustments as mentioned above that things might improve. My big worry is, in relation to the gym that I read everywhere that certain things is not good for the quality of sperm such as a Jacuzzi and tight clothing. I am wondering if there is any others that i should be avoiding as I want to give us every opportunity to be a daddy and mammy. :)


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Also avoid heat so saunas, hot baths, laptop on lap etc. Increase zinc intake. Wishing you lots of luck.

Thank you :)

I've read a lot on hear that proxeed plus which is expensive hasn't helped males but it did with my partner and also coq10 supplements.

I've also heard laptops on your lap all the time is bad not sure how true that is.

Good luck.

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I did also read about the laptop.


Good luck! Definitely cut out all booze and fags if at all possible - start them up again if you need to once your sample has been taken. You're doing all the right things though - wellman vitamins for conception are good and a varied healthy diet full of dark leafy greens and lots of protein, fruit, vegetables...keep your balls cool and loose! But most importantly, chill, destress, go on nice walks in the fresh air together.....

My husband has a low sperm count, mobility and motility and this time we introduced maca powder. It's not the nicest taste so I added it to his porridge or stirred in to his dinner to mask it a bit but it definitely made a difference:

My clinic recommends vitamins called condensyl. You get them online.

You might also want to avoid the exercise bike at the gym, as there's some thinking that cycling is bad for sperm too.

Hi Manwell my laboratory told my partner that over 5 millions is good so don't worry about it .

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