Waiting to hear how many fertilise/hubby and clinic stress!

Hi everybody. We are doing a donor egg cycle from frozen eggs. We had 15 frozen eggs to start with, and we have heard today that 11 survived the thaw. This was a bit of a shock, as our consultant said 85-90% should survive so we were hoping for 13. The embryologist said.. 'good news! 11 survived!' It turns out the survival rate is more like 70-80% and our consultant quoted us wrong. We are so glad we paid the extra for more eggs, but are also annoyed about it, as if we knew the survival rate was this low we may have gone for fresh eggs. We also feel she should know her numbers!!! As she was about 10% out, maybe we should ask for 10% off!!!

Don't get me wrong, very grateful for 11 eggs (having had 3 of my own cycles, with 12, then 4, then 6 eggs collected, I am very grateful) but donor eggs are so expensive, we hope to have enough embryos for 1xfresh and a few frostie cycles in case needed..

So, the wait begins for the phonecall tomorrow to tell us how many fertilised... I hate this bit. Prayers away!

Meanwhile, this week has been a trying one for poor hubby who has had flu and high temps. Me nagging him to bathe his nether regions in cold water intermittently and reg paracet and ibuprofen! He has also been getting very grumpy and stressing me out! He hates being ill and has been anxious re his mouth infection getting better..

Our consultant on Friday was also a bit hesitant re him giving his sperm today, Tuesday, as planned (if my womb lining was ok), and initially said delay, do sperm test yesterday etc... but I did my own research over the weekend.. which all said 'don't worry, just give the sperm...it's weeks down the line, and up to 3 months later that the sperm will have probs' and as both our leave from work all set up for fertilisation today if possible, we took a risk, kept him abstinent, and spoke to the nurse and embryologist yesterday. (Lining looked at yest, and hurray, really good). Wish I'd done that Friday - both instantly said, 'don't worry. just get him here'. I am really losing confidence in our consultant... who was unable to reassure us, wanted to delay our treatment which would have really caused stress with our annual leave etc despite our explaining that, cost us another £120 for an unneeded sperm test, etc etc!

Sigh. Praying for no more hiccups, a really good fertilisation rate, and strong healthy embryos! Prayers away for all you ladies too. x

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  • I can understand your disappointment but 11 is still fantastic. I am thinking of you and wishing you all the very best. Look after yourselves and I hope the rest of the process is smooth sailing xxx

  • thanks CountryCat.. getting it a bit more in perspective. Going to get us both off for an early night in a mo! x

  • Hi Coracle, I got my last nhs cycle to be done. Hubby and I, are thinking about donor eggs if our last nhs cycle doesn't work. If you don't mind can you pm me and give me some explanation how you applied for donor eggs, the cost and the clinic you are attending. Many thanks. Good luck on your journey ☘️

  • Hi Amira, will do. Might be a bit later today get chance to PM you.

  • Hi Coracle. By now you will probably know what fertilisation rate you achieved. I do hope all has gone extremely well for you both, as quite honestly, in my experience 11 surviving eggs is pretty good going. I don't think anyone can predict exactly what will happen. Anyhow, fingers crossed for you and I shall be thinking of you today. Diane

  • Thanks so much Diane. We had 8 fertilise which we are really pleased with. Hearing tomorrow news on how they are doing..

  • Hi Coracle. Well done, and I hope your news is good today. Thinking of you as always. Diane

  • Thanks so much everyone. 8 fertilised, which out of 11, we are really pleased with. Hubby finally getting better, but super grumpy!!! He tends to get more stressed than me. So my main stress at mo is not the ivf, but husband!!! Now waiting for tomorrow morning to hear how the embies are doing.. hate this bit! Praying for a great one to put back at 5/6days and ones for the freezer!

  • Congratulations! It's a wonderful feeling... just need to get those embryos tucked up inside you! x

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