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Any advice welcome!

Hi I am due to have my egg retrieval on Thursday for my first cycle of ivf.

I am in two minds how to feel bout the embryo transfer! Should I be positive & then have the big let down if it doesn't work. Or do I head into it thinking it might not be successful & then get a good result at end?

Please help! We have had a very emotional roller coaster over the last few weeks and I am not sure how much more either of us can handle.

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Or you could be neutral and take each stage and milestone and day as a step forward to acheving your goal.

I have a IVF meditation CD from Zita West which enourages you on focusing that your womb is becoming a nice healthy place for your embryo and to channel your energies on creating this environment and to try and visualise it sticking and growing.


Thanks Flowergirl I will look into gettin. X


Hey Flowergirl I downloaded that cd yesterday & tried it last night. I felt that I was more relaxed last night & got a better sleep.

Thanks for telling me bout it.


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