Has anyone had treatment for suddenly occurring ovarian cysts during the IVF process?

On my long protocol, I was given norethisterone tablets for 12 days for the purpose of suppressing ovarian cysts though i was not found to have cysts on the baseline scan on the month. This is somehow the standard practice at the clinic. However, I went for another baseline scan yesterday before the stimulations I was told that they found cysts in my left ovary so they won't advise on stimms for this cycle, instead I was put on a further 3 weeks of norethisterone. Anyone experienced this before? BTW, my recent endometriosis scratch was shown to be clear so I would not think the cysts in ovaries is anything related to endo cysts but I may be wrong.

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  • Hi when I went for my first scan the doctor found 1 cyst but the nurses told me not to worry about it as it was void and that it would not interfere with my treatment, and when I went for my second scan on Thursday just gone they they did not mention it at all. I am not sure if I experienced the same sort of cyst as to what you have because I think my cyst was only caused by the drugs as I have never suffered cysts before. I hope you can still move forward with your treatment.

  • Hi, the doctor did not tell me how many cysts she saw but just showed me the scan on the computer screen. Her point is the stumilation drugs will also grow the cysts as well as the follicles so I was a bit scared so take the second option of opting for 3 more weeks of norethistorone, instead of taking progesterone or something. in fact she was so serious looking that I forgot what the first option was now that I think about it. will call the clinic again on Monday to clarify.

  • Hi i develop a cyst on my first IVF was a big one still went a head with treatment didn't work all so second IVF I did develop a small one both didn't work but they say its the drugs causing the cyst I'm on my last 3rd IVF NHS on the dead line as I'm 39 wish you all the luck fingers cross xx

  • Hi Kat, really sorry to hear this. Were you given the option to go ahead with the IVF even though with the presence of the cyst? The doctor said to me that the follicle stimulating drugs will also cause the growth of the cyst as well as the follicles. It did not sound good. She said a few weeks of more norethistorone can help with removing/suppressing the cysts. Hopefully you can have a full discussion with your doctor before this last round of ivf and best of luck to you x

  • Hi Kat, I am so devastated for you that you have had 2 failed IVFs, if you don't me asking, what is the cause of your infertility? I hope your 3rd IVF works out for you. All the best! x

  • There has never been a reason they say its my age and poor eggs I'm on busereline injections since Sunday scan on 29th I'm not going to work though the treatment this time I'm a HCA in a hospital and do nights as this is my last chance ant tips welcome xx

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