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Has anyone else on here had a colectomy or other abdominal surgery and had problems with adhesions on their fallopian tubes?

Was referred for testing, but consultant has refused to test my tubes because my AMH is also low and he says I will need IVF anyway. Have asked for second opinion, but could take weeks for re-referral. Should I just go private? Ovulation is normal and DH's sperm normal. Herbalist says my AMH not that low and is not a deal breaker, but I need to know if tubes are blocked.

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I had a laparotomy due to a burst appendix when I was 9yrs (now 31yrs) which has resulted in adhesions and blocked tubes. After no conceiving naturally after 12 months or so the doctor suspected this and referred me for a laparoscopy, he did do all the normal hormone tests prior to this but not amh test..... If fact I'm 3yrs down the line and still have no idea what my amh is! Good luck with your next steps x


Thanks Wishes1982. It seems AMH is the new one all the docs are getting hung up on. I believe it can be useful for predicting how you respond to IVF drugs, but not really for predicting if you can conceive naturally- it's just an estimate of how many eggs you have left. Bottom line is I need a laparoscopy to find out if the few eggs I have do have can get out. Hope it works out for you with the treatment x


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