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My Hubby has oligiospermia, were on list in wales but it takes about 2 years, thinking of doin egg sharing but may only be able to do icsi?

not too sure what to do or where to go from here, i'm not too sure if my husband can increase his sperm count and how 2. Starting to feel alone and depressed, we've been trying for 3 years, and feel like were never have our miracle

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Hi amyrhill88. Sorry to hear you both have a problem and a long waiting time for treatment. First of all some information which hopefully will help with your husband’s low sperm count. Research has shown that alcohol consumption not only affects female fertility but can also lower sperm count as it reduces testosterone, the male hormone. It is advised that alcohol is kept to an absolute minimum, or stopped altogether if possible because of this. Caffeine consumption has also been linked with problems with sperm count and sperm motility which is the sperms ability to swim in the seminal fluid. Sources of caffeine that should be avoided include coffee, tea; some cola based soft drinks and chocolate. A diet high in selenium and zinc will help to produce good quality sperm as zinc is an important component in building sperm. Good sources of zinc include dairy products, nuts – especially Brazil nuts and seeds. Vitamins C and E are also known for their benefits as vitamin E is thought to help sperm to be more potent. Vitamin C is known for its protective qualities at preventing the DNA in sperm from becoming damaged. Vitamin E is found in avocados, sweet potatoes, sprouts and tomatoes. Good sources of vitamin C are kiwis, strawberries, oranges and broccoli.

Regarding egg sharing, some clinics will offer you ICSI in return for egg sharing, so you would need to have a look at the “Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority” website hfea.gov.uk where you will find a list of all the clinics in the UK willing to do this for you. Hope the “above” is of some help to you and wish you well with the outcome. Kind regards. Diane.


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