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Provera again!

Hi there, I realise that I asked a similar question last week but could anybody tell me if when they took Provera to bring on a period did they get all of the symptoms of it but no actual bleed? I took my last Provera tablet two and a half weeks ago and since then I have had excruciating cramps, extreme bloating and major breast tenderness but no other signs of my period. I have been in contact with the clinic but they just said to phone them at the end of this week if I still hadn't started to bleed but told me nothing of any possible side effects. I just wanted to know if this was normal? Thanks!

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Hi Tink80. As far as I understand Provera is often given to patients who suffer with endometriosis in order to shrink the endo down, so you might not have a bleed until you stop taking the drug. Common side effects from taking Provera are premenstrual like symptoms such as bloating, fluid retention, breast tenderness and nausea. I’m afraid you will just have to wait and see what they say at the clinic. Hopefully, though, your endometrium should be in better shape following the drug treatment. Kind regards. Diane


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