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Looks like Provera for me 😪

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Hi guys!

Well rang the clinic about my day 35 bloods and the fact my period still hadn’t came and I’ve had negative pregnancy tests.

Got a phone call back today and they’ve prescribed me Provera, have to go collect today and take a pregnancy test there just to be sure before I start taking it. Just gutted I was still holding onto a bit of hope that maybe this cycle had worked😩!

Third time lucky I hope, doesn’t get any easier! 2 years of wanting to be a mummy so bad and still waiting.


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I know the feeling.. hang in there..

Fingers crossed for third time lucky xx

Thank you so much! Just got back from the clinic and they said my first month on clomid was amazing, my progesterone numbers where super high but this second cycle it looks as if I haven’t ovulated so they are a bit concerned as to why and then why my period hasn’t shown up 😪! 1 step forward, 2 steps back I feel atm! Xxx

Well like I said, hopefully third time lucky 🤞🏻 xx

Thankyou so much 💗xxx

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Hi Materialbarbie. Not what you want to be happening, but although it's annoying, they have a solution to get you "going" again. Hope all goes well this time. Diane

Thanks so much Diane!

Wishing you lots of luck 🌟xxx

Thankyou so much! Xxx

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