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Will testing a day early give me a false reading?

Hi, am on my second FET with one 5/6 day blast, been told to test on Monday morning.

Me and my hubby have to work on Monday and can't get the day off so I'm really dreading the test so much as I don't feel too positive that it's worked. I will possibly be a crying wreck going into work if it's negative - it also means testing at 5.30 in the morning then rushing to get ready. It all feels a bit much.

Does anyone know if we could test a day early instead? Sunday would be loads better as we will have time to digest the result. Or even wait until the next day on Tuesday!?

I am dreading it!


Natalie x

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Hi Natalie. You didn’t say when you had your embryo transferred?? You could test a day early, but should it be negative (hope not), and you’re not bleeding, then you need to get it confirmed with a blood test. Do keep using your progesterone cream/pessaries until you know for certain. You would most likely be advised to carry on with the progesterone for the first 6-12 weeks if positive. Fingers crossed for you both. Kind regards. Diane


Give your clinic a quick call and seek advice from one of the nurses about doing the testing a day early.

Perhaps you test on Sunday, then keep with the drugs and test again on Monday/Tuesday to be sure? Will that give you the time that you need?

It can only give you a false negative because the pregnancy hormones are too low, not a false positive. Also, I think as this was a FET, you would have the stimulation/trigger injections recently which can give false readings if done too close.

Good luck!

FG x


Thanks ladies, I had the transfer done on Thursday 27th June. I will try and get hold of my clinic, thanks for the advice, I think we will test on the Sunday and then like you say test again the next morning on Monday to confirm. Ughh this has to be the worst bit for me!

Thanks so much for the advice x


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