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3rd possible fail. What options do I have? what's new to try?

I'm new to chat rooms (sorry I don't know any of the abbreviations used in these) 🤗

I'm 39, healthy and partner too. (Although I'm actually drained with it all and becoming numb) I have 1 naturally born son however took about 4 years to conceive. After trying for another 4 years, hospital diagnosed us to be unexplained 😬

Just had my 3rd frozen transfer a week ago today. I'm already feeling the rumbles of a period coming on 😢

I had the scratch prior the the transfer but hasn't seem to have worked.

Had anyone heard of any new things to try?

My consultant said to arrange another meeting if this fails but if I go prepared with ideas I may save time and money.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated 😘

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We've just had our second round and we had the time lapse imaging and embryo glue which my clinic has just introduced Which is meant to help with implantation. Im not sure if either of these made a difference but I just got a positive pregnancy test on Monday xx


Aw brilliant news for you !!❤️

I've not heard of either of these. I'll have a look into it and ask about that. 😊

We only gave 1 egg left so really wanted to seek advice on any latest new things to try. Hopefully my hospital does these 🤞


The time lapse you wot be able to do as that's between egg collection and transfer so being frozen already your embryo will be a good quality but the glue you could defo look in to & at our clinic it only cost £100 so we thought we may aswell give it a try, Im sure other ladies will have advice re healthy eating etc but to be honest I just ate what I wanted- I also have been doing acupuncture since last November- expensive for weekly sessions but I enjoy it xx


I was thinking of the acupuncture and will have to go it a shout so I know I've tried all avenues for sure.

Had the scratch on this last one which I thought would have helped.

Easting reasonably healthy. Loads of fitness leading up to transfer. Take vitamin d and folic acid along with fish oils.

Open to any more suggestions x

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Hi there. I changed clinic after re-examining success rates. My new clinic is certainly more thorough.. a hycocys ultrasound scan suggested problems in my womb lining and I then had a hysteroscopy. The hysteroscopy showed an adhesion inside my womb which has now been removed. (My previous hysteroscopy in 2014 was fine) They also asked me to check my vit D level (GP did it) and it was very low. Vit D now beefed up. Also, because my TSH level was up more than they wanted for fertility, despite being in 'normal' adult range, they have started me on a small daily dose of thyroxine, which has done the trick on my TSH. I have previously had my natural killer cells tested (sample taken at time of scratch) and that is ok.. that can help you know if you have immune issues. I am on a different regime of meds I've noticed pre transfer.. and for post transfer there is a lot more progesterone including injections three times a week to my bottom... which I am not looking forward to! (Partly because I am so grumpy on progesterone). You may have already had all the above!

My consultant doesn't reckon there is evidence the glue works, nor did previous clinic think it works. But such a personal choice.

Hubby has just asked why I am typing War and Peace, so will stop there! Really hope your next cycle successful whatever 'extras' you try xx

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Wow thank you so much for this insight!

It's like with all the failures of trying to conceive and then also through the hospital I want them to find the problem as to why it's not happening to then fix it.

By your second clinic finding yours in your womb and treating it, i guess it gives your more hope that the 'problem' is resolved and now onto success 🤞

I'll certainly be querying your findings with my consultant.

Really appreciate you taking the time to share.

Good luck to you ❤️


Hi. Thanks Wahey. We're also doing DE this time but a lot of me wishes we'd been with this clinic for my own egg cycles. :(

My consultants have also reminded me it's a numbers game. There may be nothing else to fix, statistically a number of ladies will need 3 or 4 cycles. But also depends on your age and chances of success (and finances!) to decide what to do.

Hope your clinic helpful and wish you lots of wisdom and success xxx


What's a DE?

Yes am reading more about the %of success hence my trying to find out more options from you lovely ladies 😘

Thanks once again

Sian 🙏 xxx


hi, sorry - Donor Egg cycle. Forgot to mention, as well as beefed up progesterone post embryo transfer (they've really gone for it.. tablets, pessaries AND the injections! Ye gods, I daren't go out I'll be biting peoples' heads off!) they're also putting me on Clexane the blood thinner.. xx

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Wow your head must be spinning with it all!!

I'm going to note all this down x


ive had 1 own egg cycle but didnt fertilise so went onto donor eggs had 2 failed cycles. had scratch on both.... now dr is suggesting a hysteroscopy to check inside my womb for possible implantation problems x


I'm going to ask for this to check my womb first.

Can't risk my last egg not working without checking first.

My partners starting to say 'just be grateful for what we have'... 😤



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