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Resting,doctors say so!

I had my eggs collected last Tuesday, 19, wowsers!!

Was due to have my embryo transfer Thursday but came down with OHSS not the nicest thing I've experienced but it will be all worth it! So I'm having complete rest orders from medical staff and family!! On a major positive we have had 5 excellent graded embryos frozen! So that's where they will stay, on ice until I'm completely better. Hopefully a month or so. :)

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Hi Hannah,

That's wonderful that you have all those good quality embryos in the freezer. Sorry to hear about your OHSS - but I have a theory that there are some advantages to FET, because your body has a chance to recover after the egg harvest. We did FET in March (after removal of a polyp), and I am now 12 weeks pregnant, so it worked for me, (after two fresh cycles didn't). Wishing you lots of luck for when you are ready to do the transfer.


Hi! I had eggs collected today and was told I'm at risk of OHSS. I've been given some tablets to take. We're you given anything? Xx


Oh wow congrats that's lovely news, thanks for the reasurence it's good to hear positive news. I'm more half cup full kind of girl so here's fingers crossed.

Enjoy your pregnancy months :)


Excellent news Hannah. Just relax and think positive. Noper, you make a very good point which I had never thought about. Giving the body a chance to settle back down after all the poking and prodding - we are always in such a hurry to get them into where nature intended that we forget what we have just gone through. Good luck to you both


That's brilliant Hannah. I totally agree with Noper, I think there is a huge benefit to FET - your body is in a totally different place for it.

I found the egg collection very painful and was still in pain from it when I had the fresh transfer (and I have a massively high pain threshold usually!). I did wonder if that pain had an impact on its lack of success.

Similar to Noper, I have had success with FET, I am 7 1/2 weeks pregnant, so there is definitely something to FET :-)

Put your feet up and relax and recuperate!

Good luck with your FET - its going to be a doddle for you after your massive egg collection!!


Thanks ladies for all the positivity! It's lovely to hear success stories.

Good luck to all :)


Excellent news.got better soon xx


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