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Medical Miscarriage


I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant and as I have endometriosis the dr sent me to the early pregnancy unit

Dr said that being 44 and having endo didn’t work in my favour and I could have ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage

Had an internal and they saw the sac and embryo but said heartbeat very slow and to come back in 2 weeks

Went back 2 weeks later and there was no heartbeat and I was told I had miscarried

Told I have 2 options - medical miscarriage involving taking pills or surgery

I opted for the pills

I had to inset 4 Misoprostol pills and that this would bring on miscarriage

I thought it had worked - I bled lots

2 weeks later - today - I had an internal to see if everything went to plan but unfortunately it hadn’t

I was told I still had 2 cms of pregnancy ‘matter’ left

I was told surgery was now the option

Op booked in for next Tuesday

Anyone else experienced this?

Should I get 2nd option?

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