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Had a negative test after miscarriage...now a few weeks later i have a positive test...HELP!


I need some advice & answers plz... My miscarriage started Aug. 31st and on Sept. 5th everything came out and my bleeding got very very light and on the 9th i stopped bleeding completely.... I have started having intercourse off and on afterwards as well. My doc suggested that i pee on a pregnancy test after i stopped bleed so i waited a few days & Sept.12th i took on and it said negative with 1 real dark bold line! Not 2 not even a faded 1.... So i figured my hormones went dwn like they said or my test would have detected it! Well on Oct.5th i didnt feel good my sister suggested i take a test and this 1 was positive with 2 bold lines so i went to the doc and hers said positive as well so they did some labs to see where my hormones was and she said its @ 441 which means its from my miscarriage & not a new pregnancy! But it wasnt long before i took that negative test im so confused! & i feel pregnant ive been having cravings and everything and my period from my miscarriage hasnt appeared yet! Im so bummed i was hoping & praying for a whole new pregnancy! DOES ANYONE KNOW INFO ABOUT THESE KINDS OF SITUATIONS ? THIS IS MY 1ST MISCARRIAGE IDK HOW ALL THIS WORKS! WHATS GOING ON MY DOCS AREN'T VERY HELPFUL!

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What hormone test did she do hcg. Surely if you had a negative test your pregnant. I had 3 miscarriages in 09 and the one I had in September 3rd I got pregnant straight after and lost that in December at 11 weeks do the math hun it's surely us possible your pregnant. I really dont think your hcg would be so high after that amount of time. If she thinks it's from miscarriage why hasn't suggested a d and c? Xx

Im not sure Which kind it was but they done it friday she called me this monday morning and told me it was 441 & i imformed her after i stopped bleeding on the 9th of Sept. I took a PT on the 12th and it came back negative i had 1 bold line no otha faint line or anything so i assumed i was good and now on the night of Oct.5th i had a positive test ans i was hoping it was a whole new pregnancy but she called and said my levels were 441 and that i have to get tested weekly til its dwn to 5!

What the heck it's your hcg levels. How many weeks pregnant were u when you miscarried? Xx

I was 6weeks when i miscarried but it didnt get past 5weeks i spotted lightly on Aug. 29 i didnt bleed on the 30th and the 31st it got heavier thru the day i bled a lil heavy til Sept. The 5th i past the last of what came out and my bleeding got really light i spotted til the 8th didnt bleed anymore after that and ive been having intercourse on and off took a Pt which was negative and oct.5th it was positive

I'm really sorry but I know your gp is someone to trust I read your posts and you was 6 wk 2 days. I really think your pregnant your levels at 442 now obvs if your gp thinks it's still from your miscarriage then your levels would have been way higher when you took the hpt. I believe your pregnant let them keep doing your hcg maybe she doesn't want to build your hopes up but when they come back higher after you've tested again she can definitely say your pregnant she maybe doesn't want to suggest that you are as you haven't had a period. But it's possible it happened to me and they say your more fertile after a miss carriage. Good luck hun hope you are. Keep me updated. Sorry for your loss also let's hope this is new beginnings 💗🤗😘

I usually go to a different gp but i went to this one to get a quicker appt. I believe i am n my heart and going to continue to let her test my levels hopefully they go up! But she didnt sound sure but i left it alone because shes the doctor ans not me but maybe shes right but i feel like shes wrong and i been looking up everything left to right about this! & thank u so much for answering me i truly thank u i pray shes wrong & i am and that i get to have this one!

I do too hun I feel she's wrong. Keep strong hun whens your next test. Keep hoping and praying not stressing. Xx

Im tryn to not stress and she told me to come in Friday at anytime jus for lab work.... So im going to pray and leave it be until further notice

Yes get your bloods done on Friday then this time next week you should know the score. Good luck hun I'll keep you in my prayers. Please keep me updated. Message me anytime if you want to chat 💗🤗😘

Thank u so much ill definitely keep u updated ill write u soon as they give me the news hopefully its higher than 441 so we can know for sure n thank u for talkn to me i really appreciate it i will keep in touch

Your welcome hun. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you 💗🤗😘

has the doc considered it could have been a multiple pregnancy and one has sadly passed at the other is getting nestled in? That's defiantly possible. The only other thing is its not been a complete miscarriage and and there's still some retained placenta or something that's still causing the HCG spike. 440+is not a low number. At all. There's either a baby in there or something else is causing it. They shouldn't be giving you a wait and see diagnosis. 😡 I'm surprised she's so laid back that if it is a incomplete miscarriage after this amount of time they aren't offering medical management to make it complete. I wouldn't put up with that my lovely. go back to your gp or an EPU 👍xx

She's in America hun. I guess they work differently to over here but it is shocking I'm wondering if she's a junior doctor or something. It's bizarre xx


Before you start trying to conceive. Talk to your obstetrician about any trouble you may have had carrying a pregnancy to term in the past. Ask them about testing and lab work options so that they can check for things like chromosomal abnormalities. High androgen levels. Or other factors that may lead to miscarriages.

Late but turns out i was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful healthy 8lb baby girl who is now 7 in a half months old

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