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I am 44 years old and after trying for a baby for over a year and a half - i was diagnosed with endometriosis during that time - I find out that I am pregnant.

I am absolutely over the moon as I was told the likelihood of falling pregnant naturally, if at all, was slight!!

I had always hoped to be a mum but never thought it would happen especially being 44 and then being told I have endometriosis.

I go see my dr - she makes me do a urine test and then congratulates me, tells me I am 6 weeks pregnant and sends me to the early pregnancy unit at my local hospital.

I go to the hospital and have a scan.

I am told the heartbeat is very slow and that I may miscarry and to go back in 2 weeks. Her words aren’t really registering!

Those were the longest 2 weeks ever!!! All I could think about was that poor little thing inside me trying to live!

2 weeks later (Wednesday just gone) I go back and I am told there is no heartbeat and that I have miscarried.

I cry and then I am told my options;

1. Come back in 2 weeks and see if I have properly miscarried and all has come away

2. Take pills to bring on full miscarriage

3. Have op

I decided to go with the pills as I can’t bare to wait another 2 weeks and I really don’t want an op!

No one knows any of this apart from my partner - who I think deep down is happy that I have miscarried - he is 47 and has 3 kids from a past marriage and so he feels he has been there, done it and past it!

He isn’t really the most sensitive or understanding person either :(

So here I am going through this all on my own really.

No one apart from him knew I was pregnant.

No one apart from him knows I have miscarried.

No one knows what’s going on in my head.

I am in my own little world.

I cry at anything.

I feel a void.

I feel so very alone.

My hope of having something that was mine and for me has been cruelly taken away :(

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Oh MichyK I am so sorry. This is awful. I think you really have to confide in someone - a close friend or family member - you can’t go through this on your own! Take heart however that you have fallen pregnant- and meantime you perhaps need to discuss things openly and frankly with your partner. I wish you loads of luck and I think your first priority has to be to find someone close to you to confide in xx

This made me emotional. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. That must have been devastating. It can be really difficult to go through such situations especially when your husband isn't there for you. I think you should talk about this with him. Having the right support is so important. I think this MC should be a sign that you can get pregnant. Visit a doctor with a high success rate. He/she will help you with all of this in a much better manner. I think you shouldn't give up. Yes, I know that it is difficult to recover. However, I think another pregnancy would really help you. Check on your possibilities as well. Sending baby dust your way. Best of luck with everything.


So so sad. I have also been diagnosed with endometriosis stage 4 and pcos at the age of 24. I’ve been told it’s highly unlikely for me to conceive naturally and my only option would be ivf.

I’ve no chance of falling pregnant naturally as I’ve the worst cos of endometriosis ontop of pcos and my tubes are completely destroyed. I’ve also never fallen pregnant.

So there’s some hope there if youve fallen pregnant once.

Don’t lose hope, good luck x


Oh my Lord! how sad. I really felt deep sorrow for you. Hope you are fine. Sweetie, we all are here for you. You can talk with us. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Really sorry for what you are going through. Being not able to conceive is very hard phase of women life. My prayers are with you. You are going to be an amazing mother. Keep Smiling dear. Sending you baby dust xx.


There are mommy places that can help you like a maternity home for mom and baby. If your husband really cares about you he will be more caring and understand u. You seem stressed also. You know that to conceive fast you should not be stressed. Stress will affect your body. It will lead to any delays in conceiving. Try to have healthy food. Do a bit of exercise daily.

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