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Elevated liver enzymes on routine bloodwork, what can I expect after the ultrasound?


This past Monday I recieved a call from my GP that my liver enzymes were high after routine bloodwork and I needed a liver ultrasound scheduled for next week. Alt was 147, ast 54, alk phos 123, albumin 4.6, and platelets 301. My fasting blood sugar was 102 and my Hdl cholesterol was 59 and LDl was 108. I was always a yo yo dieter my whole life but after I had my daughter two years ago I really became more sedentary and didn't get weight off that I should have, my BMI is 35. I guess I'm just extremely worried that I have a condition at this point I cannot reverse. I have been eating in accordance with the Mediterranean diet and at this point I am going to do whatever it takes to get this weight off to be around for my kiddo. Being that I am 32 years old, I am just trying to be hopeful that if I make the right choices and take care of myself from here on out I can live as long as a person who would not have this issue. The ultrasound is coming up and I'm a nervous wreck, terrified my doctor will tell me afterwards I need a biopsy. Are my liver enzymes really bad? Do I have a shot to turn all this around? What can I expect after the ultrasound? Is it more likely NAFLD or NASH? Are they reversible? Thank you so much for the replies...

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First don't panic, lots of things can disturb liver enzymes. You need to pursue it with your doctor but the probability is that you have a manageable situation. I'll post a couple of links tomorrow that may help you


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