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Polycystic ovaries can lead to diabetes


At my Dr's office a nurse and I were talking about female organ issues, attempted weight loss , etc. She said polycystic ovaries is a risk factor for diabetes because it causes insulin resistance. I had never heard that before. So if you have that one reason you may be struggling with weight loss or liver issues is the insulin resistance. Just thought I would share and encourage all to eat healthy, cut out sweets and know the symptoms of diabetes. Thousands walk around undiagnosed.

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polycystic ovaries are one aspect of a number of hormone imbalances. It can be confusing because it seems like the only organ involved is the ovary. Hormones operate throughout the body and many of them are manufactured in the pancreas and liver so for some people polycystic ovary signals a wider problem which can warn of other hormonal challenges if the process of making hormones is struggling. That is why it is a warning to consider diabetes and liver disease to get a full understanding of the situation.


Yep, and metabolic syndrome.

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