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Obesity, diabetes, high BP !!

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I have been reading quite a few posts around multiple problems folks have - diabetes, high BP, obesity, high cholesterol etc. What do you suffer from? How do you manage your "other" condition so that it does not affect your NASH?

Also a basic question - is diabetes or high BP caused because of the stress of NASH or is it the other way around? So confusing!

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Hi Cicada

I was on my way to obesity, high cholesterol, and likely the rest of the list. I managed to turn those around through lifestyle and diet changes so I don't have those today and my NASH is idle.

Diabetes and NASH are two sides of the same coin as both deal with the biochemistry of the body. High BP is a physical problem caused by the damage to the organs from several kinds of disease problems but significantly liver fibrosis from NASH.

Here is a link to the diet we advocate



Prior to the NASH diagnosis I was already being treated for high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and Barrett’s Esophagus. I’ve lost 20# since my diagnosis and in addition to improved liver enzymes, my A1c is lowering as well. I hope that it will soon be at the normal blood sugar range. I’ve also reduced the dose in 1 of my blood pressure medications. I hope as I lose more weight for the NASH my other prescription meds will be reduced as well.

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Bbohnie in reply to Cats2018

Great job! Stay vigilant and keep doing the best things for your body. It will respond.

i don't know but I would say all these have had hand in the nash, I have had high BP, my whole adult life, hereitary,I have suffered with type 2 for 15 years, taken 2 diff. types of insulin aand take 6 injections every day...

In 2009 a paper was published in a Danish Medical journal about Multi Morbidities. In 2015 an English journal (the name of which deserts me) published a discussion paper on the same topic and concluded that the NHS need to adopt a new approach to the teaching and educational experience of student medics because the no of patients with multiple chronic illnesses is growing fast. 5 years have gone by since then and I see no evidence of any doctor who has heard of this, never mind having it included as a topic of academic studies. What hope is there for us? We’ll all be dead before medical schools ever introduce it and then apply it. NASH, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome are just 3 of my20+ diagnoses. I’ll just have to stir up the powers that be myself, unless anyone is willing to support doing something to wake them up?.?

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