Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Looking for some advice and support

Long post.....sorry :) looking for support

I was diagnosed with non alcoholic cirrhosis on 12/11/17 during gallbladder removal surgery (confirmed through biopsy). Since then I have been through vials of blood, an ultrasound, trans jugular biopsy, Endoscopy and I am having an MRI on Monday.

We have had a rough few months with my surgery, diagnosis (along came 3 weeks of hives from a medication allergy), my husbands sister passing and our nephews coming to live with us (this threw off my 12 year old autistic son). No excuses, just a lot on my plate, I have been slacking on myself - not just in my eating, but taking care of myself mentally and physically.

I have been unsuccessful at losing weight, but i do eat mostly natural organic foods and nothing processed no sugar etc...

I walk almost daily, but still unsuccessful and my Hepatologist says this is my #1 priority right now!

I am thinking of joining a female only boot camp called Burn. They are supposed to work with all levels.

I guess my question is if I feel good and my doc. (GP not hep. - seeing hep. March 7th for all results) says it's ok, do you see any reason why this wouldn't be a good idea?

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Hi Robyn

It is hard to get into the routines that make a difference. Personal trainers, in whatever form are what some people need. Others respond less well to and so much depends on how you connect to the trainer. Some do really well with Zoomba as another example where walking or swimming does the trick for others. Burn is advertised as being fairly intensive. If your doc says OK activity is hardly ever a risk for your liver. A consideration to think about is the pressure in your hepatic vein. Intense exercise can raise your blood pressure and can provoke varices so talk with your doc about that specifically. If that is an issue regular walking is great.

The biggest issue for most people is dietary fats. You want to have plenty of monounsaturated fat and limited saturated fat along with giving up things like sugar. Just as a reminder here is a link to some diet discussion.

Best Wayne

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I am so sorry to hear what you have gone through recently and what you constantly have on your plate to deal with. I do not envy you, it’s hard enough being a mum but to have the addition work and stress associated with caring for a special needs child must be very difficult for you when you are ill.

Boot camp seems a little extreme and might leave you exhausted and unable to cope with your daily activities. I have cardiac issues and go to cardiac gymnastics where we are all at different levels of fitness. In our class we are able to sit down when the exercise is too much for us and there is a doctor on hand when needed for emergencies. Perhaps you could speak to your doctor to advice you on what your options might be, or if any supervised fitness programs are available.


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