Bedwetting - 10 year old

Hi, I am new to this and am looking for some advice, my son is 10 and is still bedwetting. He has been on desmopressin since the beginning of 2015, having various breaks to see if he is over the bedwetting. We are on a break at the moment, into week 3 and he is bedwetting every 2nd night. My gp assures me that he is fine to continue with the medication but I don't see this as a long term answer. Has anyone had any experience of this that they can use to help me please????? Worried mum.

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  • Hi there. So is he dry when he's taking the pills but just starts wetting again when he comes off? Sounds tricky to know what to do. And I know what you mean, my daughter's on two sets of pills a day and it doesn't seem like a great idea for her to take them indefinitely... but they are working so I don't want to stop! Not sure what the answer is to be honest... they must be hoping your son will just sort of mature into not needing the pills?

    If it's any help I wasn't getting anywhere, but have sort of managed to switch to a new nurse and she seems to be getting us a lot further forward. Maybe you could ask for a referral to the eneuresis clinic if you haven't already, I don't know if this is common but with us there seem to be school nurse led ones and then another layer at the kids' hospital, presumably for trickier/unresolving situations..? (I'm guessing tbh)

    Good luck with it

    Ali :)

  • Yeah dry when taking pills but never had a referral, I'm back at doc with him in a couple of weeks so have a list of stuff I want to question and ask c

  • Definitely think you should be able to ask for some specialist help if you want it - good luck with the Dr

  • Hello I'm new to this site my 10 year old has just been given desmopressin and is being referred for a scan (finally) do you find that the meds help then? I have my doubts and I think I would be the same in not wanting her to be taking pills long term? Hopefully they won't need them for too long, best of luck!

  • Hi, he pills work fab, but after a weeks break back to bedwetting. That's interesting you are getting a scan, we've never been offered that. One thing my hairdresser did mention is that her nephew was bed wetting and it turned out it was due to enlarged tonsils which cause like a sleep apnoea condition so I'm going to mention this at next appt. I would definitely recommend trying the tablets to help you all get a sleep and save on the washing

  • Fab thanks for that I will definitely try them! I was a bit sneaky she had been referred to paeds for an ongoing night cough and we had her review for that today , night cough has thankfully all but stopped so I asked if I needed a separate referral for the bed wetting (we had an accident last night) and she said no she would talk to us about it, asked all the usual questions gp had asked but straight away offered the meds, scan of her kidneys and took a urine sample, my gp had never even done that! Hopefully we are getting somewhere, I so want her to be able to do sleepovers when asked and yea save on sleep and washing!

  • After quite a long time on the pills we were offered a scan - well it was more of a flow analysis while she peed - but anyway it was really helpful in identifying that she had an overactive bladder as well as not producing enough hormone at night... so it was worth it for us anyway

  • Hi I had a kidney reflex when I was young so I wondered if it was hereditary I think that's maybe why they offered the scan so quick, interested to see what it shows up, she's approaching high school age and it's really embarrassing for her! She's ok with wearing pull-ups to some friends houses but not keen to take them to others. Really hoping the desmopressin helps .

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