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What to do for a 9 year old who still wets the bed


my son is 9 and is still having trouble wetting the bed we've tried not drinking things at night and going pee before we go to bed and he still continues to wake up having a sense and he gets very upset and cries because he doesn't understand why this is happening he truly just wakes up while he's already going and It's upsetting for him makes him uncomfortable to go spend the night at other peoples houses so I'm not sure exactly how to help him and I don't know if his hypospadias has anything to do with it or even what kind of things can be done because his pediatrician thinks that he's constipated and just gave him laxatives which clearly only made him poop and didn't stop the problem so now I don't know how to get a referral to a urologist

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I have a cousin who had a problem with wetting bed almost till she was 11/12 years. At that time I remember the docs telling her mom that she will be ok once puberty sets in. Till that time her mom set an alarm once in the night around 2/3am to make her get up and take her to the bathroom. I don't think she continued till puberty...the problem resolved itself over time.

Some kids just take more time...all they need is our extra time and effort during this time.

Hope yours settles soon too.

Thank you so much for your time and response to my question I'm really trying to help my son not develop any more emotional or mental issues due to plenty of my bad decisions one of which I feel is probably the reason for this then again I'm also like the hardest on myself so who knows if that's just a personality disorder in myself either way I'm trying to raise healthy happy kids and I appreciate any and all effort given by anyone to help me achieve this.

Hi. Are you in the UK? I'm asking as my son is similar. He's 8 and a half and has problems with intermittent night wetting. He's dry at night for months then he starts wetting the bed at night for weeks at a time. Our GP initially referred him to a paediatrician who checked everything out and said he was ok and would grow out of it. He's currently recovering from a urinary tract infection and is wetting the bed every night so once he's finished his antibiotics I'm going to treat him for constipation and if that doesn't help I'm going to go back to our GP who said she could refer him to the enuresis clink who could prescribe Desmotabs for him.

So if you're inn the UK I would go back to the GP who could refer to a paediatric urologist if that might help.

Unfortunately no I am in the United States in Texas and there is no pediatrician here that actually listens to anything other than what they learned in med school whatever their specialty was which clearly is in most cases not much I don't mean to sound that way but I'm just very disappointed in the amount of attention and care and genuine concern I've seen from all of the doctors here in Texas be it a pediatrician to a rheumatologist for myself.and I have no idea what those tabs are but are doctor won't even really admitted there could be anything else wrong and he has a hypospadias which I was told would not hinder him in any way... But I've learned doctors are honestly just making estimated guesses 50/50 chance of them being right. And being humans it's truly really 50/50. It's called practicing medicine for a reason you know? I just want my son to continue to heal from everything that he's been through and everything that I apparently have done wrong because I've been through hell as well and apparently didn't realize my own weaknesses.

Sorry to hear you aren't getting the support, it's such a difficult thing to go to. My son is nearly 8 and has had trouble with constipation and wetting for his whole life, he is 90% dry at night though thanks to a bed alarm which we got from Amazon. The first month or so was exhausting being woken several times a night, but it gradually got better and about 3-4 months in he was dry.

Good luck


We had the same issues with my son. The alarm really worked for us. It’s like having a newborn again at first with it beeping in the night but it worked he’s now dry! Hang in there.

my sons bedwetting was definitely related to constipation, his bowel was so enlarged that poo had to fill it before he felt the need to go and the bowel then didn't shrink to normal size. so as it was so large it would push on his bladder. we have had to put him on movical to keep him very loose and allow the bowel to return to normal. but since emptying his bowels and keeping him loose his bedwetting has almost stopped. we have the odd one every few weeks- this year I would say weve had 4/5 , previously it was 4/5 times a week!

It's not likely that a hypospadias will cause bedwetting. All it is, is an opening of the urethra somewhere along the penis other than at the end. This opening has absolutely nothing to do with the control of the bladder. What I would suggest trying is the following: Have him wear protection at night so that he is more comfortable and is not waking up in a cold wet bed. When he does wake up, have him go into the bathroom and do everything he would do if he were going in the daytime. Clothing, standing at, or sitting on the toilet, and just stay there for a few minutes as if he's really going. Then have him clean up and put dry protection on and go to bed. He should do this every time he wakes up whether he is bursting to pee and can't get to the toilet in time to having already emptied his bladder. The idea behind this is that doing this may help him make the connection to wake up before he starts wetting. Good luck!

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