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What age to stop pooing in night nappy? :(


Hi, my daughter is 4.5 and still wets every night. She wears nappies as they are what work for us, however by the morning not only is her nappy full she has also pooped in it. I haven’t said anything to her because I thought she would grow out of it however at the age she is now it’s not the most pleasant task to clean a messy 4yr olds bum especially with 2 younger siblings that also need attention. What age did your kids stop?

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Hi, is there a full poo? It’s quite unusual to poo while asleep I think. Is she awake for a while before she comes through? Maybe she’s doing it when she wakes up. Having a child will poo problems I would just not make a thing of it. If it’s actually when she’s asleep it might be worth asking your gp? Maybe a chart or reward system for getting poos in the toilet might encourage her. Being wet at night can go on for a while as everyone get the ‘ stop producing wee hormones ‘ while asleep and different times. So a quick wash down in the morning and nobody would be any the wiser xx


For me I haven't really stopped. I started wetting the bed again a couple of years ago ago and it hasn't stopped so far, or shown any signs of it. I've been waking up in wet pull-ups and nappies and sometimes even poopy nappies as well.

When older my son only poo’d in his nappies when he was constipated. Might be worth checking it out and maybe speak to GP

The sign is when their nappies are dry for couple of nights then withdraw them .but if she pooing I would keep her in them until she feels comfortable not going in them.my lg in pull ups for bedtime she nearly 4 I wouldnt make a thing about it .my 5 daughter wore them til she was 8 now she 11 and dry .their do it when their ready.

Misty10 Did your 11 year old ever soil in the night as well then? I'm so glad others are / have gone through this as well. I feel quite alone that my DD aslo has this problem sometimes at night.

sarahsummer2020 don't worry you will get there with it. Best to go to the Dr and get her checked out :) At least your DD is still young enough to outgrow it before school age. Keep your chin up and the wine glass full ;)

Yes she still would soil her underwear at night stress plays a big parts changing school etc .she hasn't soil now for 6mths .my 11 year old.don't worry about it she soon stop it's all to do Aith stress and anixety it will go.x

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