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Pooing night nappy :(

Hey everyone I'm new here :) Nice to know there is a dedicated support group for these issues.

My daughter is 7 years old and still bed wets, so she wears Drynites PJ Pants. Early hours Friday morning she came in to our bedroom saying she was scared and had a nightmare. So we did the usual plop her in the middle of the bed and all cuddle up.

Saturday morning and this morning when I went in her room, I was hit by a smell I have not had to deal with in a few years.. a poopey nappy :O

I've had a good talk with her and she claims to not know it had happened, but this morning I woke up at 5 for a drink and I popped my head round the door, no smell, so I think she is doing it either when she wakes up or at some point during the night. Has anyone ever had this problem before with night nappies getting used on purpose?

:) Thanks Emily x

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I'm not sure if this will help but I've had the same thing with my daughter who was a bed wetter untill she turned 11. My daughter was often constipated and wanted to avoid the pain and discomfort she had experienced doing hard poo's on the toilet finding it easier to do it in her nappy during the night. I have to say that when she was constipated or having hard poo she got very stressed going on the toilet so I was quietly pleased that she would feel relaxed enough in bed to push it out in her nappy rather than withholding it.

Check your daughter isn't experiencing pain or difficulty when doing a poo.


my 13 year old daughter wears adult nappies at night, she occassionally pooes her nappies at night, I have asked about it and she says she really had to go, is using nappies for bedwetting giving our children a green light to also poo in the nappy, afterall nappies are for both weeing and pooing, but then if I take the nappies away she has wet sheets every morning, so it might be wrong of me but I just let her get on with it for now, but I have spoken to the GP about it, and am awaiting an appointment to see a specialist.


What brand do you use I am a bed wetter and I soak mine every single night (15 yearsold). If any tips how to help with this or what you do please let me know


Tena Slip Maxi


Do these work well - do they leak at all. Also I am trying to find the best ones don’t I hope you don’t mind me asking but do you put any other protection on the bed and is the flow of pee a lot or not


yeah although Tena Slip Ultima might be the best for you or Molicare Slip Maxi (Plastic Backed)


Ok thanks


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