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Nearly five year still pooing in pants

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My little boy who is nearly 5 is pooing in his pants this has been going on for 18 months .

He was pooing 7 times a day just little bits a year ago he wA put on movical as heath visitor and doctor thought was due to consterpation which help for a time . I’ve tried everything for him to poo in the loo but no success , he doesn’t even tell us she. He needs on sometimes he says when he has done one . He is also on senaok . I am at my wits end I just don’t know what to do , his school are putting a lot of pressure to get it sorted which is making it worse .

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I know how you feel my daughter has suffered for six years with this,since she was three. If you haven't watched the pooh nurses video give it a go. He sounds like he needs a disimpaction, the instructions are in the movicol box. We had a lot of pressure from school too because they don't understand. However they legally have a duty of care and must put a healthcare plan in place and help him. Try to get a school nurse on board, tell school about the video. It's not his fault bless him, I hope that things improve soon. Good luck.

Thank you . He used to go 7 times a day now he goes max three times a day but normally twice now . I’m at my wits end school nurse is involved as well as health visitor . At the moment we sit him on the

Loo after every meal for 5mins he will get a reward for sitting they currently marbles to put in a jar 1 for sitting there 2 if he does a poo 3if he tells us and does one

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Where do I found the video?

Well done you're doing the right things. The poo nurses video is on this page on the right under pinned posts , can you see it?

Hi. I agree. It sounds as though disimpaction is needed. We've just done this with my 7 year old. We're currently decreasing and we're on 6 sachets a day whilst noting his poos from the stool chart. We're trying to work out his maintenance dose.

We're sitting him on the toilet 20 minutes after each meal with his tablet to play with. This relaxes him and he concentrates on playing rather than pooing.

Get the School Nurse involved too. We had one involved and she was great. They can help with communication between you and the school. Schools don't usually understand so the nurse can be really useful.

Good luck. Xxx

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Thank you . His currently going twice a day now some times 3. He sit him on the toilet after every meal but never any joy he has never done a poo on loo , he will happily sit on the loo but never does anything.

I could have written this post... But we are two years on, and hoping not to tempt fate now, been on a long journey with this problem but doing so well now, so keep faith, this won't last forever. Watch the poo video, let school know this is not a quick problem to solve. It may be that you need to do one of more movicol clearouts, and his bowel may be stretched if this has been going on awhile so you will need movicol and patience while he regains/recognises sensations, and encouragement and incentives for what may seem like tiny achievements like telling you about 'accidents'. Are you seeing any specialists/c!inics for advice on the medication, and to write to school? For our son there was definitely a behavioural issue that we needed to overcome. We were lucky enough to see an nhs clinical psychologist who did some lovely sessions on making the right choice to go to the toilet. Not rocket science, there are kiddie books on pooping being normal which may help, but tackle the physical first.. If backed up with poo, or stretched bowel, it will be very hard for your son. And you know your son best, if you think something else is going on, e.g. Food allergies or other behavioural issues, speak to your gp. For us we were always pretty sure it was just this behaviour, no extra issues. You are not doing anything wrong, this is so common it is so annoying to repeatedly hear of early years at school being clueless! Sending you lots of patience, and try to find some support.. Gp/school nurse/school senco/local nh s service (might be worth googling your nh s trus t then speaking to your gp.

Oh thank so much ,I’m so glad I’m not alone in this . It’s a on going nightmare at the moment. We take a step forward than two steps back . My done sees a bowel and bladder specialist as well as a children’s doctor , can’t spell the actual word . Health vistior and school nurse everybody . I have thought about allegies but not sure . I do think like your son it might be behaviour .i think he does need a clear out but his due back at school on Monday so can’t really do a clear out while T school. It’s really School is the o

Problem they are fed up with having to clean him up all the time , and they have a way of making me feel really bad about it How did you and your done overcome it ?

Hope this has resolved now - what worked please? Particularly as my son’s school are asking me to go in the 2nd time he soils himself in a day (most days). Partly I think as he denies it & will sit in it so it’s hard to get off when someone notices and they can get him to go sit on the toilet. But I can’t be on standby every afternoon (it always seems to be at lunch or after) just on wiping standby. I think he might be getting better but then I think that & we have another 2-4 poos in pants every day for a week :(

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