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Nothing working :(

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My 5 year old daughter is withholding her poop after bad constipation. She has been to the GP a month ago,she prescribed movicol and 10 ml of senna a day to keep her from with holding. But she still holds in her poop,I called her GP all she said was that it should work just wait for it .3 weeks later nothing at all had come out of her bottom, I have bumped the movicol to 6 sachets a day and the senna to 15 ml and still nothing so far. I think that she could have hirschsprung's disease so I am getting her tested tonight.

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Hi! I would advise increasing the Movicol dose to do the full disimpaction regime. Look up the ERIC website for details. My daughter was really constipated and we had to go to 8 sachets & continue at 8 for quite a few days to clear. We added Senna on day 10 and that helped too. It might be worth checking if you can give more than 8 sachets as she is older than my lg. The advice is you need to get her to the point where all she is passing is brown water. Then you know that all the old poo has been clear. When things got going my daughter had no control so don’t go too far from a toilet. Good luck!

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Thanks I will start the full disimpaction regime. I will start at 6 sachets and go up to 12

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