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7 year old soiling herself


My 7 year old daughter has never been dry. We have been to the consultant a few times who doesn’t seem very interested. She has had intermittent bowel problems where she souls herself that have always been resolved with movicol.

For the past 4 weeks she has been soiling herself so I have been giving movicol but now the accidents are becoming more regular and larger. She is having at least 1 large accident a day and she is just constantly wet. Could the accidents be because I’m giving movicol when is not needed or is it likely that she is still constipated and I need to give a larger dose? (I have been giving her a sachet or 2 most days.) she tells me that when it happens it just comes out and there is nothing she can do about it. I am so worried about her returning to school after the Easter holidays, there is no way I can send her in like this. Is it justified to take her to the gp about this?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hello, I would definately go to see your GP if you are worried. Our daughter when on high doses of Movicol (5 sachets a day) had accidents when it just happened without her being able to control it. Our daughter never had wetting concerns but I have heard alot of people on here saying this was caused by constipation in their children. Don't let the Drs fob you off and maybe try calling ERIC's helpline who can give advice to. Wishing you lots of luck and hope you get the help you both need soon. X

Rachel849 in reply to SallyCal

Thankyou. I’m going to book an appointment tomorrow and see if we get anywhere. Previously the gp doesn’t want to know and refers us to the consultant who is a rude and literally gets us out the door within 2 minutes. So frustrating.

Is she pooing regularly? If she has lots of hard stool in her bowel which maybe pressing on her bowel. You could try clearing her bowels and see if that helps

Rachel849 in reply to Faymcclure

Her accidents are now becoming the size of large bowel movements.. so it’s hard to know whether it’s overflow or she just has lost control of her bowel movements completely. Thankyou for your reply.

Hi ya. From my experience I would say she sounds constipated.if they are blocked up it tends to push on the bladder and hence a lot more weeing accidents. When my son gets more blocked up the accidents become more frequent and larger. You need to try and work out if she is experiencing overflow. If this is the case keep on with the movicol. You will find they need to be on it on a regular basis. You may even have to increase the dose. I would take her to the gp and be insistent they take you serious or even ask to be refered. You could do a diary of when she is having accidents what type the poo is ie bristol stool chart. May take you more seriously. Good luck

Could it be food intolerances and the movicol makes it worse? My boy was pooing himself up to 7times a day and I finally figured out it was SWEETCORN that made him do it! He loved it so had it ALOT. The pooing was ridiculous!

I cut it out and the pooing stopped! The problem has now has become intermittent again so I know there is something else he can’t digest. It’s not constipation that’s for sure. Today he actually told me, “mummy I just coughed and a poo came out!” Not normal right? His poo is very soft. I’m 100% convinced it’s something not agreeing with him And it’s fruit and certain veg, especially tomatoes...

Ive been looking up fructose intolerances and makes for very interesting reading....

Also, can I just add, that I’ve been on adult movicol before and I can see VERY clearly how movicol can make poo ‘just come out’ as I’ve nearly been caught short when I’ve had too much before! Seriously! (Can’t believe I’m saying that 🙈)

my daughter has to take movicol every day and I think it’s brilliant stuff, but take too much! And it’ll get messy....

I’ve got a gp appointment for her today, will they be able to tell if she’s constipated just by feeling her tummy?

The food intolerance thing is interesting I will have to do some reading.

I have laid off the movicol for a couple of days and yesterday she had no poo or wee accidents!? I made sure she was going to the toilet every 2 hours but maybe I was just giving her movicol when it wasn’t needed.

In which case I’m not sure what I’m going to be asking the gp today!

It’s so difficult to work out what’s causing it and if by stopping the movicol you are going to make it worse or better, she may of gone from constipated to too much movicol but with similar symptoms..

It’s not too much of an issue when she’s at home but when you are sending your child into school not knowing if they are going to poo themselves it’s heart breaking.

Thankyou for your help.

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