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My son has just pooed on the loo and had sensation beforehand (severe pain but at least it’s a sensation). Age 9 3/4, nappies for last 8 months until August, just had 2 enemas in hospital over 2 days following unsuccessful disimpaction. The relief is overwhelming....just wanted to we can go on holiday on Tuesday as planned!!! Why is this constipation business so b***** hard


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Hey Robinia,

That's great news, and now a bit of a holiday after all that hard work. Hope you both enjoy a well earned break.

The Laundrymaidxx

Robinia in reply to Laundrymaid

Thanks Laundrymaid and thanks to you for all your great advice on the forum πŸ€—

The relief is unbelievable for them once he's not scared to push now he be fine she not on any Meds since the enimas and Is fine xx

Robinia in reply to Ciaraivy

Thanks πŸ€— that’s good to hear. His is a bit more tricky to sort, he’s had loads of hospital enemas before but I’m more hopeful now we have a wonderful chiropractor on board 😁

That is brilliant news. I'm so pleased for you all. Enjoy your holiday.

Ended up at 3rd hospital in a week down here in Devon....due to extreme pain and no more poo but doctor said nothing more can be done apart from drinking bucketloads of movicol...oh the joys of chronic constipation and associated anger and violence towards his little sister. However it won’t get me down, thank god you on here all understand, makes me feel much less alone πŸ€—

Laundrymaid in reply to Robinia

Hang in there kid! Xx

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