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Day 7- no poo- in distress

Hi. My son has refused his movicol for over 3 weeks now. I had to go out and buy Lactoluse and Senna to try as the Dulcolax made him ill even on tiny doses. Paediatrician advised us to give 10mils a day of Lactoluse and 1mils then to up of Senna. He’s been doing a poo dance for two days now and he’s refusing point blank to push it out. He hates the sensation of going and now he’s held it in it’s gone hard and hurting to come out. He’s been ill with croup since Wednesday and I just don’t know how to help him. I feel we are going backwards constantly.

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When my son was completely blocked up (just before we started the movicol disimpaction) the consultant said to get child size suppositories, use lubrication gel to get them in. I know this sounds unpleasant but it worked for my son (and within 10mins!) and anything to ease the pain of what happens if it's left for too long! Talk to the pharmacist about what size is appropriate for your son

Also in preparation either put Vaseline or sudocrem on his bum beforehand!

Hope that helps?



Scares me that it’ll scar him as he hates us to even clean his bum after he’s had a leak - he’s 4. Our pharmacist was fab and said he’d order the smallest in for him should we need them x


Thank you. He’s been on movi since a babe, he’s 4 now. Just out of the blue started to refuse taking it. No idea why, we’ve always had a struggle to get him to drink it but always got him to come round. He’s very picky with foods and drinks so are uber limited, he use to have it with peach squash xx


Yes we were advised these. Thankfully Movicol till she is totally soft (or movicol + lactulose) usually overcomes the poo dance for us. A blessing.


When we first started using Movicol (about a year ago) my daughter would refuse it. We very quickly started disguising it in orange juice. So we dissolve it first in water and then top up with orange juice. She drinks it very happily with a draw and we call it OJ+. She's 2.5.

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My son used to have the regular movicol with lemon squash but got sick of it and was pouring it away secretly for a couple days (luckily I noticed) so we managed to get the GP to change the prescription to chocolate movicol and he tolerates that better, maybe worth a try?


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