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Can she feel that she is pooing?


Hi All

I have been on this forum a few times and find it a godsend. My daughter is now peeing for me which is just brilliant. Eric advised it was probably emotional and to get her into some fun therapy sessions. I couldnt find any so just persevered with her at her speed. She just held herself one day when it was just me and her and been fine ever since. So for anyone else out there hang in there it will happen.

Now on pooing she is on one sachet every other day and she poos (still wearing pull ups) 3 times the day of the sachet. I never see her doing it and when I ask her she says she doesn't feel it coming. Is this possible? She never used to talk about anything toilet related she would clam up but she is so much better at talking now.

I have a peadeatrics app on 7th August (finally got gp to refer and taken 9 weeks to come through) but slightly concerned as against the clock as she starts P1 on 21st August.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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This is tough as I know with my daughter it was so stressful starting school with this issue. Can you try to give half a sachet everyday to encourage her to poo once every day and try times toliet sits. It’s so difficult when they can’t feel it diarreah ? If so maybe the dose is too high. I would try to be extreme these next few weeks in trying diffenrent doses and times as pooing three times a day at school will be so stressed for her and you. I suggest talking to the teacher too and taking her information on the condition because in my experience people don’t understand which makes it’s worse for everyone. Oh I feel for you and I wish I had an answer for you but I’m still dealing with this 6 years on. I’ve seen every specialist under the sun and it’s alwasy the same disappointment when I leave. I’m not trying to be negative I’m just saying try hard yourself the next few weeks, you know your child and the situation better than anyone. Good luck ⭐️

Hi Francesca. Thanks for reply. Makes sense to play around with sachets and take control myself as that's what I done with her peeing.

Not diarrhoea. Looks smooth but not runny.

Thanks again


Hi there ,with constipation the bowel stretches and sensitivity decreases hence the not feeling it. My daughter is the same. The consultant talked about injecting her bowel with Botox to tighten the muscles.

Hi Marie, yes it is possible. When I had soiling problems as a child I never felt anything when I was pooing in my pants, and only knew afterwards that I had soiled myself because I could usually feel the mess in my underwear, although if it was only a fairly small amount of poo then I didn't feel anything at all, and I never smelt the poo in my pants, so I was totally oblivious to the fact that I was messy. Well done in encouraging your daughter to wee in the toilet, hope you can soon sort out the pooing as well.

Dear Mariemcdonald11,

This is difficult, to answer, mainly because you don't say How Old your Daughter is. If she is three, then no, she may not feel it. If she is six then she, almost certainly can- worth checking with your Doctor, if she honestly says she can't. A small note here, that is relevant to ALL Parents, Infant School/Reception Classes are quite used to children who are not entirely 'Clean'. I used to Help Out, at a Nursery, some years ago now and, I can tell you, that 'Accidents' were fairly common- admittedly a lot, of our children, were younger than your child but still.

A final note, One of my friends children- she was then about six- would say, something like- 'Sorry I done Poo (poo), sorry it just came out, I didn't know sorry'. Maybe, if you take away the 'fear' of retribution, she might just Tell You If (sh)it happens.

Hope all goes well, for you both.


Hi Andrew. My daughter is 5 and starts school, Primary 1 next month. I just can't get laxido balance right at all. If I give her one sachet a day she can poo 4 times a day. Half a sachet 2 to 3 times but some of this is more a splattering than a poo. She is still in pull ups tho dry with regards to peeing. There is def no retribution whatsoever she simply says she needs changed after a poo. I never seem to see her doing it which is why i am unsure if she knows. Today she had no sachet and pooed twice. So will c how tomorrow goes. Have taken her off a few months back but all that happened was no poo for 3 days then a massive one. GPs dont review so I am left second guessing. We have our 1st peadeatrics app on 9th August. Thanks for feedback.


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