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Watches.....worth it???

Hi folks, I've posted before but looking for some specific advice in watches. My daughter is coeliac and has constipation issues. That seems to be under controlled with a sachet of movicol a day.

She is 7 and was dry for a long time but the constipation prior to diagnosis led to accidents. Despite getting the constipation under control, she still doesn't seem to have much bladder control and I have to remind her all the time and she is often very late and has accidents.

We were thinking of getting her a watch to remain her to go. Do they help?? Any advice very gratefully received!

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We used one for a while and it worked to start with but to be honest was a short term novelty factor. As my daughter didn't wear a watch before (she was 7 when we tried it) she just kept taking it off and I found myself constantly tracking down vibrating noises around the house to find it! That said, we were only discussing the other day getting it out again but am yet to be convinced that it will stay on her wrist this time either. So my advice, yes, they can help but don't go for anything too expensive as it might not be long term solution!


We started with one around 5 years old, started well but then she started ignoring it. We’ve recently stated using it again (she’s just turned 8) and it is amazing !

Not only is she listening to it, she has also started going to the toilet on her own !


We tried and it worked for a while but she stopped taking notice. Saying that she's only 5 next month. It may help as she gets older.


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