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7 yr old (nearly) very wet at night

Until now I've not been too bothered by the fact my nearly 7 yr old daughter is still in pull ups at night and sodden every morning. This weekend she went on Beaver camp, had a leak early in the night and spent the rest of the night sat on her towel so as not to bother anyone. I weighed her this evening and discovered she is over the max weight for Pampers Pyjama pants she has been wearing and can't source the next size anywhere. Her cousins were 8 & 10 before they were dry at night so there is a family history hence me not being too concerned before. However I'm beginning to wonder if I should be more proactive and if so how? Advice please.

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My 8 year old is still wet at night and wet some days too. 8 was key age banded about for when these things were "looked into". We're in the process of being referred to the incontinence clinic and who knows what that will mean. Cousins have had similar problems too so I'm not worried either. Tesco big stores stock bigger pull ups.

I sew a pull-up into the pyjamas for camp. I know of kids having the pull up left in the sleeping bag so they can slip into it discretely.

I think we just have to be patient the drugs they can use have side effects that shouldn't be ignored.

Have strength


Have you tried emailing the team they have some great leaflets and can answer any questions about Incontinence that you may have may help.

Be assured you're in the right place you can see how any of us are in a similar situation so you're not alone. I think you're right not to worry yourself or her about it, get as much info as you can before you get to the Incontinence team but from my experience here they are great and it doesn't always mean medicine is the right route. There are alarms and techniques that they may suggest so that you can try things before going down the route of meds.

Best wishes


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