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Not feeling urge to wee


My four year old daughter doesn't feel the sensation of needing a wee. The pediatrician says she's ignoring it but she definitely isn't. She hates having accidents and hates people seeing. She feels her trousers to see if they're wet as she doesn't know and then gets excited if they're dry, she has weed when preschool staff have been changing her and been surprised to see wee come out! She's starting school in September! She's been this way for two years (since being out of nappies) and is no better than the first day of potty training. She has never ever said she needs a wee or taken herself. She does go when her wobl watch alarm goes off which shows she wants to do it!

Does anyone else have a pediatrician who won't believe that a child doesn't feel the sensation? How do you get support when they're saying the child is ignoring it?

My child's preschool are great and are suggesting writing a diary as evidence. Why is it such a battle to get a pediatrician to see theres a problem? The wobl watch is helping but I want to know why she doesn't have an awareness of needing to go. Will I ever know the answer to that? Will she one day get the Sensation? It's hard to have made no progress in two years. It's starting to really get me down.

Last week one day she had two accidents in a three hour preschool session despite someone trying her on the toilet every half hour!

We ensure she drinks the right amount of water (only water), she sits on the toilet for a couple of mins. Wee just comes out with no warning! She says it "let's itself out".

When she sits and does drawing or something then she's often wet. She doesn't seem to be able to sit and concentrate without weeing.

Very stressed about her starting school.

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Your daughter sounds quite similar to mine.if you look at my post from a few weeks back titled 10+ wee accidents a day- i know exactly how you are feeling its a very tricky daughter has nearly finished her first year at school & with a supportive teacher & special needs assistant she has got through it.could you get a refferal to a different Dr if you feel you arent being listened to?


Hey, like piper2017, I had the same issues and also replied on the thread that piper2017 mentioned... have a look.... I managed to find the cause of my daughters constant wetting (which was a allergy or sensitivity to fabric softener on her underwear... now only wash with Fairy powder) and I'm so pleased to say that this one battle has completely ended.... we still have a couple of other issues that we are working on... but one down two to go... is better than nothing I guess... really hope this helps you. 😊

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OMG, I'd never considered that. I tend to only use Fairy - I wonder if that's helped my daughter too! :o

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Did you have the same issues and then the same disappearance of symptoms when you stopped softener?


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