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Friend babysitting for a day


Next weekend my husband and I are going to a wedding on Saturday. I've got three people looking after our kids. We decided to give people one each! Easier to manage!!

My friend is having our five year old ( the one with daytime wetting).

I'm wondering whether to send her in normal pants which could mean several changes of pants and trousers. Or the padded pants which hold a small accident and Save the trousers but then it's not always noticeable that she's wet and she can be in wet smelly pants a while, Or whether to actually give my friend a worry free day and put her in pull-ups!! I don't usually do that!!! ( we've struggled on with her in pants for two and a half years) But I know how stressful it is trying to go out of the house and her weeing when a toilet isn't right next to her!! At least if she's in pull-ups my friend could just enjoy doing fun things with the girls ( my daughter, and my friends 5 year old daughter).

Does anyone else find it hard leaving an incontinent child with someone? School and preschool are one thing as there the staff are at least paid to do it!!! Also, it's easier as school has a toilet next to the classroom. it's when you start trying to go on fun trips out etc ( which I think my friend will) that it's really hard. I'm used to it as I've had two and a half years of it now!! But my friend is used to a daughter who doesn't wet or go stupidly often and can hold it til they reach a toilet!

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I use Always discreet for sensitive bladder pads size 3 i find they hold quite a bit i put one in her pants ( like a sanitary towel) at 8 am then change it at 1pm then change again at 3.30pm. She likes them as she know they r specially for her condition and she still uses the toilet frequently they are just there to help catch the bits that dont quite make it. I didnt want to put her in nappies as i feel she would just give up even trying as she knows her nighttime pants (huggies pull ups) hold a lot. Might be worth a go try it out before u send her to your friend and see what u think. Hope thats helpful. I completely understand anyone else looking after a child with this condition is a nightmare. But using these pads meant she went on a play date the other day without me and came home without wet trousers first time ever!


I might try those. We've got padded pants but an actual pad might be better in some ways.

We've dried 'dry like me' pads but they don't seem to hold much.

I will try the always ones.


The good thing is my daughter is now usually taking herself. But if the toilet isn't near enough, doesn't get there before some comes out!

This time of year seems worse with colder weather and also queues for toilets with people Christmas shopping etc! We don't do queues! When the wee wants to come out, it doesn't wait for the person first in the queue!

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Was going to suggest Tena Lady (same kind of thing). Saved the day with my girl's poo situation - big enough to hold mess so it doesnt affect the pants.


My six year old son wears Tena Lady Extra Plus pads, which are great. He puts it on at about 8am, changes it at 12pm at school, then again at around 4pm. They sometimes get overfull, but not often, and it's not like wearing an actual nappy. Life is so much easier for me and him this way.

I tried cheaper supermarket pads, but they disintegrated when full and bits of jelly-like stuff would leak out of his shorts. Not discreet at all.

I would definitely use pads for the day your daughter is with her friend, and possibly other days too.

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Yes i thought to about trying the cheaper option but they r a complete waste of money. Same happened to my daughter and it fell down her trouser leg at playtime with all the insides coming out. Complete waste of time.

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I will get some pads. I tried the dry like me ones which didn't work but I think always discreet or Tena might.

I hope school will be ok with that. Today she came home soaked and smelly!


Have you asked your friend about it at all? I understand her privacy and not wanting to embarrass her, but I would think that your friend would want to know since they might have to deal with something. Especially if you think she might want to do something with the girls, then she may have a preference.

I do know what you mean about leaving an incontinent child with others. It’s been a challenge for us. However, my daughtee is a little older and can take care of things on her own.

You mentioned you hope the school is okay with the pads. What does she normally wear if you are concerned about the school?


Have you asked them both what they would prefer? If they are both happy with pullups then there's you answer, a stress free dry day will be an enjoyable day for both .


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