small success after 8 years of constipation

My son has never been great with toilet issues. He was a very reluctant with potty training and suffered toddler diarrhoea. Around age of 5 he improved greatly and then poop accidents started again.

The GP thought he needed imodium to help him have firmer stools, but as you can imagine, it did not help my son.Accidents kept happening and my son was getting distress.

I took matter in my own hands. Over a 2 year period I tried gluten-free diet, lacto-free diet and FODMAP diet, all to no avail! I then started a chart which I cross referenced with Bristol Poo Chart. I noted down everything, e.g. how often, colour, smell, accidents....... .

I took all my files back to the GP, showed him my findings and within a minuted I was prescribed movicol.

For those, who are struggling to get help, please do not give up. Try to be methodical and persevere if you think your child needs help.

I will keep you updated weather movicol has worked or not. Fingers crossed that it will!

I feel very happy, that my GP listen to me and I got a gut feeling that my son is on the right path to recovery :).

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That's so encouraging and good advice to us all too to collect the evidence and take it along! I hope this works out for you :)


We've been on movicol for 4 years and still having constant problems


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