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Stomach Pain in 6 year old

My son is 6.5 and he is having trouble with poo and wee accidents, we have been to the GP had movicol and senicot and have been referred to a Gastroenterologist our first appointment is in May. I can relate very much to the stress and frustration other posters are experiencing.

My question is really whether other peoples children regularly suffer from stomach pain alongside the accidents?

On a daily basis he sits on the floor, usually takes himself away under a table or in another room so we wont see and goes rigid with pain, he wont let me touch him sometimes his face goes red. It's very difficult to see him like this and not be able to help. It can often be followed by a rush to the toilet but not always.

I have Crohn's Disease so my concern is he may have it but the GP dismissed this as it's unusual in children.

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Hello there. Could he be under the table trying to hold his poo in? My daughter used to go rigid and look very serious when she was trying to hold poo in in the past. If I caught her with this stance i could usually get her to the toilet in time otherwise it would usually end up in her knickers.

Hope your appointment brings some help and support. Things improved for us greatly once a consultant was involved x


Thank you I've never really thought of him as withholding but maybe he, I is will observe him to see if it might be that. He wont go to the toilet if I suggest it during these episodes and wont be touched. Hopefully the consultant will help.


My son would be stuck in one position while trying to hold or trying to let it out without it hurting his bum. The look on his face would be horrible.

He would sometimes say his tummy aches when the movical first started and I've put this down to him getting to know his body signals as up until recently he had not used the toilet at all.


Thank you. I will watch him to see if it could be withholding. We are not on any medication at the moment. The doctor gave us Senikot to use while we wait to see the consultant but it seemed to make things worse.


We haven't had senna but I did try it once and it gave me an ache. I would keep an eye an if you feel that the ache is more frequent then take him back to your GP as there are other things he can try while you await your appointment.

The GP may have mentioned and you mostly likely know but extra fluids. Sugar free jelly I've seen mentioned before as an extra way of getting fluids in too.

Another thing we do is play silly games before sitting on the loo, head shoulders knees and toes it's the knee and toes part that's important squatting a few times helped my son. Squatting like a frog. Blowing bubbles while on the loo or a piece of loo roll balanced on the nose and blowing it off as high as they can as the bum cannot stay shut if the mouth is blowing out. A stool to put the feet on while sitting on the loo. Everyone is different but we were told 20-30 mins after eating is the best time to sit on the loo and make it the same time daily so the body gets into a routine. I used to sit in the floor while he sat and read to him so that he relaxed while sitting now he wants privacy!

Sorry for the long post!! Best wishes


Thank you for your advice he is very stubborn about the toilet so we have probably stopped trying anything fun so that's a good reminder :)



My daughter is 9years old and has has bowel issues since she contracted the rota virus when she was 9 months old. She now has a ACE stoma in situ and we do daily bowel washouts. One of her main issues is pain which is awful she also goes rigid pale and sweaty when she is sore she is now prescribed Lamotrigine and peppermint capsules but we find hot water bottles and TENS machine more helpful than the medication. I hope you get answers at your consultation


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