7 year old recently started wetting the bed.. advice please


My 7 year old daughter has recently started bed wetting since Xmas it's happened about 5-6 times not much I know but it is something she has never done until then.. I haven't made a fuss or told her off for it I've just simply changed her bed & told her she's had an accident. I'm at a loss of what to do and after some advice I am thinking of taking her to the doctors about it she has always since toilet trained weed quite a lot in the day and this has been her norm for years but she's never really wet the bed expect for one or two accidents while toilet training etc, I'm after some advice as what it could be really and why she's doing it I read online it could be caused by diabetes 1 which I admit has worried me sick hence why I would like to take her to the doctors, I just don't want them to think i am being dramatic over nothing but as it is a new thing for her I am a bit concerened. Any help much appreciated thanks x

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I would definitely take her to the GP and do not think you are being dramatic, you are being a concerned parent. My daughter had a spell of daytime wetting out if the blue at age 5 and she had a urinary tract infection. It is possible that it could be something like this. Take a urine sample with you when you go to the GP as they can test there and then in the surgery (that's what I did) and it's much easier getting children's pee in a container at home than in a surgery loo! All the GPs I have ever seen about my daughters soiling issues have been very sympathetic so hopefully yours will be too about your daughters bed wetting.

I've also read that threadworms can also cause night time wetting.

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It might be worth contacting the GP only to rule out any under lying issues such as UTI. Is she concerned about anything such as school. Check with her to see if she is using the loo during the school day as her teacher or TA to confirm and to see how much she drinks during the school day too. I only say this because as a child I wouldn't use the school loos and it had a knock on effect during the night as I was holding on to it for so long. Try not to worry its most likely just a blimp and she'll return to normal soon. Best wishes


Thanks for the reply both, I must state she had a new sibling in October a little baby brother so I'm unsure if this has had a knock on effect as she's been an only child for 7 years so it is a big change for her & even though she dotes on him it must be a lot different for her now even though we try to include her in everything I suppose that could be one reason. She's been dry for a few nights now it's not happening every night maybe once a week so I'm not overly concerned she has no issues using the toilet in the day or in school, I have noticed she seems to wet the bed if she stays up later then usual so could be over tired I'm unsure, I don't believe uti as she hasn't complained of any pain etc but if she keeps bed wetting I will definitely take her to gp to be checked thanks both for the reply very appreciated x


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