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10 Year Old Son

Hi, this is my first post and looking for some help :-)

My 10 year old son has had a weeing issue for past 5/6 months now. It started off with him needing the toilet more often when we went on long car journeys, but has now progressed to him needing toilet breaks within journeys under thirty minutes. He is now saying he needs the toilet even when we go to the supermarket less than 10 minutes down the road despite going prior to leaving the house. He now worries about going on journeys and needing the loo and noticed his stress levels have risen.

His latest trick is to lie about needing a 'tissue' for his nose but we know he has gone for the toilet.

He also plays a lot of football and we can notice this is even now affecting his concentration during matches.

When he initially goes to the loo he seems to empty but the little stops in between are just trickles even though he says he is bursting!

We have tried to distract him and also tried to set him targets to increase times between stops but nothing seems to be working.

Has anyone experienced this with a similar aged boy and if so how did you get over the problem?

Thanks in advance :-)

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Hi although my son has different issues he has had wee problems before. Has your son been tested for a UTI? The other thing that came to mind when reading you post was that my son used to have issues when going to the loo was that his foreskin was so tight that he didn't empty fully when going and irritated his penis. It would balloon up when he weed. Unfortunately this ended in him having to have a circumcision. The surgeon that performed the op said that if he was referred earlier he may have been able to stop the need for the op all together. Made me feel a bit of a stupid mum! But not having any experience in the boy bits department before having a son how was I meant to know. Anyway I would suggest seeing your GP about it to check out UTIs or bladder problems. From reading posts here there are things that can be done so don't stress just get him checked out. Best wishes


Thanks for taking the time to reply. He hasn't complained about any pain whilst urinating which to be honest is why we thought it was more of a habit than a medical issue. Saying that, its now go on for so log that we will take him to be checked over :-)


My daughter had the same issue, because she wasn't in pain like you I didn't think she had a uti. She then fell very ill with a kidney infection. Good luck.


Thank you. In someway i hope they find an issue (that can be treated obviously). That way we can pin it down to that and hopefully move on :-)


Other bladder irritants that may be exacerbating your son's condition are fizzy drinks, tomatoes, chocolate (including hot chocolate), tea/coffee and spicy foods. We had to try an elimination diet for 2 weeks then gradually reintroduce those that my son ate/drank one at a time. It may help you identify things that make it harder for him to control his bladder. Sadly it hasn't made things any better for my son but we do try to avoid the obvious such as fizzy drinks, blackcurrant and hot chocolate.


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