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Traveling whilst bedwetting and sometimes constipated as a teen help!!!


Hi everyone - My name is Charlotte and I am 15 years old. I am going away on Tuesday in the early hours of the morning. I struggle with bedwetting and most of the time I am slightly constipated (recently just done disimpactation but it didn’t work really). The bedwetting is an every night occurrence sometimes twice a night. I am currently using adult nappies but the are not working.

Has anyone had experience with traveling a bedwetter or someone with is constipated how did you do it?

Did you use any protecting if so what would you recommend?

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Can I also at the I am now flirting frequent urges to go to the toilet mostly resulting in dribbles of wee coming as I go to the toilet

I think you should get an emergency GP appointment and talk to them and explain the impact this is having on you. They can check just to rule out whether you have a urinary tract infection. My son has been using tens pants for lack of bowel control, they are pretty good. You could also combine them with the bedwetting sheets you can lay over the bed or a plastic sheet.

You really should be under the care of a consultant and it’s up to the GP to refer you if you aren’t. I hope your parents are supportive and are fighting your corner. 15 is very young to be dealing with this stuff on your own. Although you are amazingly strong and resourceful to be posting on here and finding your own solution, you are still a child and have the right to a high level of support.

If you don’t feel you are getting the support you need then maybe you could try ringing the Eric helpline and speaking to someone who can give you some advice. Stay strong 💪🏻

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I do have the support but do you have any tips for traveling

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In fact my parents are very supportive and do what they can to help

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That’s really good to hear 😁 . In terms of travelling I guess just try some tena pads or pants

Hey Charlotte, have you seen the doctor again yet? Any changes yet on something for the constipation? I wish I could give you a link to another forum that also deals with this, but the forum was shut down for reasons I won't go into. Just remember to try to stay calm about this. If you dress smartly during the day, you should have no problem wearing some sort of protection, whether it be pads, or better yet, protective underwear. If you're worried about someone seeing it, remember, which is worse, someone possibly seeing that your wearing some sort of protection, or seeing you after you've leaked or had a full blown accident? Since I don't know where you're living (other than England), and don't know where you are going, I can't be more specific on preparations. Just make sure that you have both daytime and nighttime protection. Heavy diapers are in order for nighttime, and make sure that you have a mattress protector on the bed. Don't rely on the place(s) to have their mattresses protected, take it with you and if supplies are not available where you're going, you need to plan accordingly for what you take. You CAN do it!!!! ;-). Enlist guidance from them if needed to figure out what you need to take, and what you can purchase where you are going. One more thing to remember. You ARE awesome!!!!!!!!!

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