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Sudden ED

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Hello lovely people,

A few weeks ago I had sudden loss of erections. This stressed me and I bought 2 viagra tablets which I used on 2 occasions. They worked. Then subsequently it went downhill and I lost morning erections. I tried viagra and even that didnt work. It caused me a lot of anxiety and I am not even getting nocturnal erections. All blood tests including testosterone, prostrate, blood tests, LFT, Urine analysis etc are all fine. I am otherwise healthy and fit. One thing i have noticed is that sometimes I pee more frequently than usual. HBA1 C is fine too. Any idea what could be the reason why I am having ED. Is there a private urologist in London that anyone could refer? Thanks

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I experienced the same as you but it occurred following being diagnosed with TB meningitis. I would definitely see your GP and ask to be referred. Their is a doctor at St Mary’s hospital in London who I gather is the oracle in ED. His name is David Goldmeir

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Thanks Mads1975, I was wondering if your ED got resolved. What is TB meningitis? I will also google it. Do you know if he can see me privately and his charges? Thank you so much for your insights. Its very helpful.

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TB is short for tuberculosis which in my case got into the spinal fluid which connects to the fluid surrounding the brain. It is thought that nerves were damaged at the base of the spine or the connections with the brain.

Cialis allowed me to get hard but I never got close to ejaculating. Out of desperation I googled penile implants. It turned out they exist and I was referred by St Marys to UCLH where I had penile implants fitted which has improved things hugely.

Google penile implants if you’re interested bug id ensure that all of the other avenues have been investigated first

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Thanks Mads1975, I can imagine how stressful this must be for you. I just went for a long walk to clear my mind. I have no ailments whatsoever and it just seems like the only thing happened to me is ED and that too all of a sudden. All tests are fine. I will call David ...presumably they must be closed for bank holiday and I will try next week.

In my experience, ED works on your mind as well as your physical side. You might want to try relaxing, yoga, long walks or meditation to clear your head. There is no "global reset" button for your mind, but sometimes I find it difficult to get an erection, pills or not. This is the nature of the beast, at least for me.

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