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Erectile dysfunction, I need advise

I have erectile dysfunction, I am 66 years old and have tried Viagra, to no great effect. Has anyone been prescribed Aloprosadll (injected in the penis) by your GP and was it on the NHS and how effective was this.

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Does Darryl know younger using his support page to advertise? I find it insensitive and annoying? May have to talk to him about it.

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You're not younger


The injection works great but the cost where I went at the Mens Clinic in Raleigh was pronibitive like 1238 dollars for one year.


I have tried them all. Alprostadil worked for me for a while but had to go to trimix which is also an injectable. That ended up not helping so moved on to an implant. I think you will get what you want with injections. However, prolonged use causes scars over time which shrinks the goods.


The trimix hasn't worked for me neither as my urologist had me start at 20 units and he said if that didn't work I could go to 25 if that didn't work then 30 and still no luck


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