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I was prescribed TRIMIX in this strength PGE: PAPA PHEN 10 mcg 30 mg 1 mg/ml.

I wasn't lucky in my choice of the Urologist - He's one of the leading ones in Dallas. On my first visit he probably spent 5-6 minutes and on the subsequent visit - just about 2 minutes.

How much time the Urologist spent is less of a concern than the fact that he did not guide me properly. On the first visit, he injected 10 units of this TRIMIX, and I hardly got an erection. He said that I should go up by 5 units each time, and on the second visit, I had already gone to 30 units with only about 70 % hardness. That would have been hardly enough for penetration.

When I expressed my concern, he simply said that I should increase it to 50-60 units and if that did not work, I should go for an implant. I asked him about a higher strength - and he did not respond to my suggestion (he seemed to ignore my question)

So here are my questions:

1. I have heard that some pharmacies themselves will compound a higher strength. Is that correct? If so, can you suggest a pharmacy?

2. Has anyone here gone with a higher strength with great results?

3. Is there something like BI-MIX or QUAD MIX, that will do the job

3. Is the anything else I should do - because I want an implant only as a last resort.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Here's wishing a Very happy new year to all here.

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Yes my pharmacy goes all the way up the quad strength.I had good results with double strength.

But could not keep using it, do to the pain.

Went to bi mix at 75 units not as hard but usable.

See if you have a compounding pharmacy near you.

Good luck.

Massdow in reply to who1111

Would your pharmacy chsnge dosage eithout my getting a prescription myself?

There are some pharmacies that have a “telemedicine “ system. For an extra fee, one can speak to a doctor, get a prescription for a higher dose.

I’m in same situation exactly, I get same treatment from urologist at Sloan....very condescending.... no where to turn for answers !

Massdow in reply to Georgefil

Have you thought of changing your urologist?

Georgefil in reply to Massdow

Yes, but problem is the Urologist is different then Surgeon who performed my Prostatectomy , but all within the same “team” at Sloan... one of my biggest issues is Sloans lack of communication on all fronts. They do a TERRIBLE job !

Yes, you can adjust the strength. I have had three adjustments with stronger mixes. The problem is that the Urologist has to prescribe it. You can't call the compounding pharmacy and ask them to change the formula without the Urologists approval. You are in a tough situation since your Urologist won't do it or doesn't know there are many formulas.

Massdow in reply to Tewks

I don’t think he doesn’t know other higher dosage. 1) He’s condescending. b)I think he’d rather have me go in for an implant . As for poont #2, It might sound like a conspiracy theory, but it’s likely I am right.

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