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Trimix vs bimix

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My doctor prescribed trimix and I have used it a few times, but it hasn't been a great experience. Besides having issues getting the dosage right, I have found the erections to be somewhat painful.

I was talking to another person who has used trimix and also had issues with it. He now uses bimix and likes it much better. Anyone else with thoughts on bimix vs. trimix?

Dave in Austin

19 Replies
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I have tried bimix and my dick got so hard I felt like I could have penetrated steel. The bad thing, it was so hard it hurt terribly. It stayed hard for three hours, aching terribly. I had to put an ice pack on it to get the relief I needed.

I was able to have sex with my wife, though, and have an orgasm, but it was painful. She thought I had a metal rod inside her, but she enjoyed it and had a great orgasm. Haven't tried anything again in about two years, since the "wonder" pills Have never worked for me.

I get erections every night, just can't get one when I want it. My urologist wants me to have an implant, but can't find men to give me pros and cons. I also know that I would never be able to have a natural erection again, which feels so good at night when I wake up with one. Trying to decide on that one. Tough decision.

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Svnupsf in reply to sammyd123

If you get erections every night, I don't understand why you would want an implant. The fact that you do get erections indicates that your erectile nerves are intact and functioning and that the physical responses in your dick (blood flow in and veinous restriction out) are working as they should.

At the recent PCRI Conference in Los Angeles, Dr. John Mulhall from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC spoke about causes and treatments for ED. He specializes in ED issues and said many cases have a psychological cause, not a physical one. Dr. Mulhall suggests at least exploring that aspect with a sexual medicine specialist before undergoing anything surgical.


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sammyd123 in reply to Svnupsf

Thanks, Ken. My dick does get hard, but the minute I wake up it starts to get soft again. It has responded to some stimulation by my wife and me, but nothing hard enough for penetration.

You may be right. Maybe I do have a psychological problem. I was always able, before surgery, to get hard and have sex any time we tried, but it has been a frustrating 11years. We even had great sex the night before my prostatectomy. My urologist has never suggested a sexual medicine specialist. I'll have to see if there is one here on the east coast I can see.

Thanks, again!


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Svnupsf in reply to sammyd123


You might want to check the Sloan Kettering website for more information, and maybe even call them to see if they can help you locate a specialist in your area.


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misterbarkley in reply to Svnupsf

Would you recommend Dr. Mulhall? He is a sexual medicine specialist in NYC?

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misterbarkley in reply to misterbarkley

I see there is a lot of information about Dr. Mulhall on the web including a number of You Tube videos.

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annfhrt4611 in reply to sammyd123

Viаgra without a prescription - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

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I had same issue with trimix at first. I had lowered my dose to .05ml. Which is very small but did the job and no pain. When I moved, the new doc insisted on just alprostadil which worked very little but changed doc again and got the trimix back but no longer works. We think it is from other medical issues. Headed in to have the prosthetic done late November or in December. Merry Christmas to my wife. Lol

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sammyd123 in reply to Bill_Moore

Bill, My urologist suggested a lower dose with the same results. My dick just can't handle the stuff. It got so hard it hurt for three hours regardless of the dose.

Thanks for your reply!


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Have you tried bimix or alprostadil? Alprostadil is basically Caverject and Edex but compounded by a compounding pharmacy and is just on ingredient instead of three or two.

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uwyoalum in reply to Bill_Moore

I haven't yet. I have an appt. with my Urologist in a couple of weeks. I will bring it up with him as well, but wanted to hear about other people's experience first.

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I tried Tri-mix, which worked well. However, I have essential tremors and using a needle was a challenge.

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No_Prost_55 in reply to Stevedl

Try using an auto-injector such as Inject-Ease, it does the work for you and is much easier to handle than a syringe by itself...

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I had a Radical Prostatectomy in June 2017 and have experience total ED since then. I don't have a partner but missed the pleasure of an erection and orgasm so I started masturbating when I had recovered from the surgery. I could easily get a dry orgasm which felt just as good as prior to my surgery. Of course there is no ejaculation so that took a little getting used to. I finally saw an ED Urologist last week who gave me a low-dose test shot of TriMix. It gave me a partial erection within a few minutes but was fairly painful. I couldn't imagine a full dose. So he prescribed me BiMix with a starting dose of 10 units. I tried it today for the first time and got a semi-hard erection but absolutely no pain. It felt greatr to have a real erection again. I will work with the urologist to adjust the dose. So far so good...

Update: Tried 15 units of BiMix yesterday with not as good results, it’s possible I missed the right injection spot

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I have also ED issue I do get erection and also night fall but when I go for sex I dont get feeling i tried cialis but it didn't worked as o dint get feeling and cialis will work when ut sexually aroused my semen analysis is also fine now doctor advise me 0.4ml bimix injection so does it work even without sexual amusement and does it have any side effects

I have used bimix injections successfully for about 10 years. I had a radical prostatectomy which only saved about 25% of the erectile nerve bundle. The pills were useless. I tried suppositories that had alprostadil and suffered aching that was really unpleasant. Everything with either prostaglandin or alprostadil seems to cause aching. What I found with bimix was that it worked really well, but for me the recommended dosage of 0.4 ml was too much. It caused erections that were too rigid for comfort and that lasted way too long. I only had to have an emergency injection of neosynephrine once to arrest an erection that lasted almost 5 hours. That was enough! So I began experimenting with dosage and discovered that if I just wanted a quicky or didn't particularly care if the erection was a bit soft (for masturbation) I could use as little as 0.05 ml. That gives a reasonably firm erection that goes away in about 30 minutes. My go-to serious dosage is 0.15 to 0.2 ml. This provides a very good, comfortable erection that goes away by itself in an hour or so, but with continued manual or vaginal stimulation can persist for 3 or 4 hours ... in other words as long as I please. I try to use 2 or three times a week, because it keeps my penis well toned and poses no risk of scarring. I learned two REALLY interesting facts. One is that the genuine (the one you have to sign for when you buy it) Sudafed, will terminate a too-lengthy erection. Forget about the ice pack, that is too uncomfortable and takes forever. The other thing is this... The erection from bimix does not cause the glans to swell enough, and this reduces sensation. I often just can't get to an orgasm without working for hours. Three secrets work for me to put the icing on the cake of my bimix experience. First is to use daily dosages of Cialis 5mg. This really helps with sensation and achievement of orgasm, but it is insanely expensive and insurance coverage is next to impossible. Second is use of a snug cock ring. This is simple, cheap and low-tech ---- just be careful to wear it for no more than 20 mins at a time and DO NOT risk falling asleep with it on. Third and best is that cannabis is the very best augmentation available. It radically improves sensation, helps maintain a robustly swollen glans, and facilitates wildly ecstatic orgasms. Hope these hints help.

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JRPnSD in reply to

Check out 5 mg Cialis pricing on I pay $60 for 90 pills from I found on My primary care doctor told me about the site for uninsured drugs.

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My experience was the same with Trimix.. I’ve been using bimix for almost two years and had good results’s a trial and error situation for dosage .. location for the injection site.. effectiveness.. depends slot on your partner, fore play and your own health factors . Good luck ! Don’t give up ! By the way. There are a couple of different strengths of the bimix formulation .. Jon

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Trimix gave me a great erection. Unfortunately, it would not go down for 8 hours. Both times I used trimix I wound up in the ER to get a shot to counteract the trimix.

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