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Curious about BIMIX and TRIMIX

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I have a prescription for trimix, which I have filled. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to use it, when having sex with my wife - she was away from town, we had medium term guests, distractions and what not.

On a different thread, the one thing I learnt was that with Trimix, the erection stays long after one :"CUMS". One gentleman said that the person that had trimix can go on, long after the ejaculation because the hard-on stays.

Within the context of sex between a man and a woman:

1. Generally after I cum, it's like everything has been achieved, and there is nothing to look forward because all the cum has flown from the balls. At least till one has a hard on again and the urge to F*ck, there is some "disinterest". So, How much fun is it for a man to go on after he has come?

2. For a woman, how does it feel for a man to stay erect after he has given her the cum? Does that lead to more orgasms?

3. If one stays hard for 1.5-2 hours and has the stamina to go for much longer than usual, how does that change the dynamics between a man and a woman as far sex, and emotions go?

4. Last of all - this is for someone that is Bi or Gay. Does having TRIMIX as a bottom feel different when having sex with a man ? How does it feel as a top?

15 Replies
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My doctor told me I should be using the Trimix 3 times a week, with or without sex. He said that it would help blood flow to the penis and it would help me learn how to do the shots to myself better so that when I was having sex, there wouldn't be any embarrassing mistake shots. My first week, I found out what he meant in that as I hit too deeply once. So I would highly recommend that you give yourself some time for some practice shots so you learn the best ways to give it to yourself.

As far as the other questions go, I have found that I don't stay as hard after I ejaculate. But with added stimulation it can get hard really fast. Can it be added fun? Sure, although if I'm not interested then it goes down to partially hard and then wears down more depending on activity afterwards.

As far as dynamic between me and my spouse, it changed some but it was mostly in excitement that my penis was as hard as it was for as long as it was. It allows us the freedom to have extended play time or to be done and go about our day. Every day is different.

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Massdow in reply to Wolfnbear

Thanks for the reply. I know that sometimes men and women don’t cum at the same time.

That the man can stay hard even after ejaculation is great. I don’t know how the woman feels with the man going on, with all that semen in the vagina. I‘d imagine she would think her man is a porn star!

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maeg4y in reply to Wolfnbear

Viаgra without a prescription - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

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I am bi but I find it so much more pleasurable being hard with a guy after sex than with a woman as you can still enjoy the feeling of stroking each other without the need to cum over and over again

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Massdow in reply to Sissydeme

Just curious.. is it fun to jerk iff without cumming? Does that not make the dick sore ?

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Sissydeme in reply to Massdow

That all depends on how long you go on for really

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malemember in reply to Massdow

It sure is fun. It's called edging because you keep yourself just on the edge of cumming. If you have good control you can go for hours. No you don't get sore if you use lubes and do cum. But if you just stop after a few hours of edging without cumming you will have some discomfort in the testes.

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I am in a monogamous relationship with my wife. I agree with all your observations. When I tried trimix, after we had sex my desire for more subsided. However, my erection did not. I had an erection for 8 hours. Bags of ice on my groin did not help. Both times, I went to the hospital. The first time, they had to give me a painful shot to make my erection go away. The second time as I was waiting for the shot, the male nurse squeezed my penis real hard, and it killed the erection. While I was pleased with the hard erection trimix gave me, I was not pleased with the after effects.

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Have you stopped using Trimix after these experiences?

I am told that one could tweak the dosage or move to Bimix.. all of these in consultation with your doctor.

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After I ejaculated I continued for a while. It didn't feel that great and it was messy. But, it was great just knowing that an erection was no longer a problem for me to maintain. (I wish I could underline the " just knowing that an erection was no longer a problem for me to maintain" part !

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Thanks very much for taking the trouble of responding to my post

I neglected my ED issue for quite a while. With relatives visiting, work, travel and a 20 year old child at home, sex became priority number 1000.

I know the wife might have missed all the fun. I hope to make amends soon, once this covid thing is over and I can see my urologist.

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Two tidbits of advice for when you start the Tri-mix or for that matter, either of the mixtures:

1) Obtain a device known as an Auto-Ject. It allows the user to pre select the needle depth thus reducing the likelihood of going too deep or two shallow. Also, using the device, there is virtually zero pain when injecting. It will cost less than $100. Either Too shallow or too deep extremes result in not getting erect and the two shallow situation produces pain.

2) Have your doc prescribe a couple of anti-dote shots. I don’t know what chemical it is, but if you inject it your penis will shrivel up immediately. Truly, if one follows the doc’s guidelines on amount of mixture genuine priapism is quite rare. One should be aware of the possibility but not allow fear to dominate.

Give it a try. You will love it!

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malemember in reply to Miket218

Is the auto inject easy to use? Is there a best place to inject? I generally inject about 1 inch from the base and on the right side so I don't hit the dorsal vein on top. Sometimes I inject on the left side to alternate. I used trimix once but I got way too hard and was difficult to orgasm. I switched back to bimix. Also do you run into inconsistencies of the mix. Sometimes is less potent. I suspect the lab doesn't maintain strict controls or it's mishandled ie not kept frozen the whole from when it's made to the time I pick it up from the pharmacy

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Miket218 in reply to malemember

Regarding the injection site, I find I get better results by injecting about one third to one half the way up the shaft. I inject on the right side at the two O-clock position. When I use the left side it is injected at the tenO-clock position. I have t had any issues with variations in the strength of the Medicine.

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I want to thank everyone for their advice. I have an important question: Should I REFRIGERATE the TRIMIX or keep it in the FREEZER? The carton from the Pharmacy says "Please refrigerate" whereas I heard elsewhere that it should be kept in the FREEZER. I am very confused as to what to do. Please advise. Thanks.

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