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Need Information on Trimix




If a urologist prescribes TRIMIX , and if that combination/strength does not work, what happens to the unused portion of the medication? Does that need to be disposed off, or do pharmacies upgrade to the new prescription for a small fee?

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Typically the unused portion needs to be discarded, and a new RX for a different strength is then filled by the compounding pharmacy. That being said, most urologists will titrate the optimal dose in office prior to having you fill the Rx, if your urologist did not offer that I would definitely ask if in-office titration is an option so you know what the optimal dose/strength is before you spend more money in another Rx.

Tewks in reply to EDadvice

My Uro prescribed the standard mixture. When I received it, I made an appointment and he injected me with a low dose. It didn't work so he had me increase the dose over the next month. Long story short, he had to increase the strength of the mixture until it finally got me fully erect.

I had used it before but haven't for years. My doctor started with a low dose but increase to get a full erection but since I don't use it now I have been using a cockrings that are working for me.

So do you a pump to get erect? It's been about 3 months since my prostectomy and o haven't had an erection yet. My doc has me on 10 dose of cialis, not doin a thing. Now before surgery a 20 cialis would work. . So I tried a 20 and got a partial erection. I said that to say do u think a pump will work with a cock ring?

the pills did not work for me, so i use a cockring and jacked as much as i could which help more than the pills but I did use trimix for a couple months which would get me very hard and sometimes would be painful to use. now i get semi hard but get off very quick. so it dosent last long

I cannot believe this ED community exists. I just found it after searching for Trimix from my Prostate Cancer hub. This is excellent and will be following all the posts.

Here's my question, is there a relationship between Trimix dose required for full erection and the ability to achieve a natural erection in the future? I had my prostate removed in Oct 2018, with nerve sparing. Using sildenafil (20 mg daily), but the 100mg "challenge dose" did not overcome my on-going ED issues. URO gave me an Rx for Trimix a few weeks ago, and it works great. I use an insulin syringe and get hard a 15 units (ml?) dose. Am I close to getting unassisted erections?

I am following this post because I am at almost 10 weeks post surgery and so far no progress with the ED. Taking Tadalafil 5mg daily with twice-weekly 15mg. My surgeon said if still no progress at my 6-month checkup he would start me on ICI which would help with the rehab.

What is ICI, IM 3 MONTHS post surgery and on 10mg daily, but nothing yet, I did try 20mg, and got a partial erection, Can anyone tell me if it gets better. I had nerve sparing on one side

ICI is Intracavernosal Injections. Trimix is the drug that is injected.

The experts (also PCa survivors) on these communities are pretty well unanimous in support of the "use it, or lose" philosophy when it comes to ED management. Manual stimulation (daily) resulting in as much blood flow as you can get, achieving whatever level of hardness/firmness is recommended. This has been part of my routine since my RRP eight months ago. The exercises "feel good" and assist in oxygenating the penile tissues. However to obtain an erection strong enough for vaginal penetration I require a small dose of Trimix. If you and your partner wish to enjoy sex together, why not try the Trimix (ICI/ICP) now rather than wait? It's a game-changer for me, and my wife. I had some fear of the needle before my training with my URO, not any more.

Thnx I needed to hear that!!! I really did

I use a vacuum pump every other day as well as jelqing. I inject with Trimix three times a week. I agree with the above poster that it's important to exercise your penis.

Toss it

Please embellish on your reply.....

I just had a partial erection on my high tadalafil day this week. So I might not need ICI.

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