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Quick Questions about Trimix

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I picked up a prescription for Trimix recently.

Questions : I cannot get an early appointment for my Urologist, who prescribed this. Basically he said he would like to see how it works and if I end up with Priapism

If I cannot get an early appointment, Is it risky to administer it myself the first time?

Question 2. If the dosage that the urologist does not give me the required erection, is it too risky to increase the dosage slightly?

Question 3: If I was still to get an appointment, is it a good idea to man scape the dick and balls?

Question 4 and more: How does it feel for the female nurse to administer it - I mean is it awkward? What would you suggest that I do to deal with the awkwardness? Would the Nurse come again to see if I got an erection? Does the erection subside by itself?


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My experience was that he administered a low dose of the medicine to test and see at a baseline how my reaction was and then adjusted it for when I got the script filled. I was there for two hours to see the full reaction time. I wouldn't adjust your medicine without the doctor's oversight.

I did find that giving myself the shot was different from him doing it. Even with the training they gave me, I had a learning curve on how to hit the proper tissue for it to be effective. It took me 6 tries over 6 days (one attempt per day) before I learned what I was doing wrong. Sometimes the needle wasn't position properly and sometimes it was too deep. But once I got it right, it worked amazingly and now I have no issue with it.

I had a male nurse and the doctor both came in to check my erection progress during the test dose so there was no awkward time there.

Good luck with it!

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Massdow in reply to Wolfnbear

Thank you so much for sharing your experience,.

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Uxp_d in reply to Wolfnbear

I had different experience,male doctor says nuse (female and at least25 stone)will administer it, I say I will try on my own,as we Will never know if it works !


First I would not have the female nurse administer your injection in your cock. Second I definitely would go to the urologist first before you inject yourself. You should do it himself in front of you to show you the proper method and begin At the proper dosage. Start very low and work slowly up. You don't want to have an erection for 2 hours. they said if you have an erection for more than 4 hours go to the emergency room. You don't want to go anywhere near there. I would stick with an erection for about an hour no more than that. Otherwise your cock is going to feel like it's going to fall off in the pain is ungodly

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JRPnSD in reply to Vitruviusman

I routinely get 2 - 3 hr rock hard erections with TriMix at low levels. Switched to BiMix...and now about 1.5-2 hrs comfortable erections...and no ache to erection like TriMix gives me. 2-3 hr long erections do not induce any discomfit that I experience. You don't want to go to 4 hrs obviously.

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Vitruviusman in reply to JRPnSD

What's the difference between tri Max and bimix?

Bimix has one less ingredient.

My first experience a male Nurse Practitioner administer a 5 unit injection...and the response was evident within 1 min.... it lasted 3 hours. They recommended I use less....and it was also 3 hrs. I have since switched to BiMix...less intense (no ache)...and down in 2 hrs.

1. Not risky if you know the procedure, know where 10 o 2 are at the base of your penis and put some pressure for a minute on the injection site after you withdraw the needle.

2. I was instructed to increase the dose by ten units until I had "satisfactory results." However, my first trial injection gave me a 5 hour erection so the nurse recommended I stay at the initial dose.

3. Shaving. Whatever "floats your boat." They won't care. If you have a thick bush you might more easily see the base of your penis if the bush is trimmed.

4. Awkward is in the eyes of the beholder. I did my own first injection with her watching. She came back in ten minutes to check the results, noted that I was "rigid" and said that she couldnot let me go home if I was rigid. I told her that she could not keep me there, that I understood the risks of priapism, and that I would return before the clinic closed if I was still up.

That was my experience. Seeing an erect pênis after 15 months was a delight. A five-hour erection was uncomfortable. Good luck.

The timing is less important as the MD will have a reversal injectable med called phenylephrine available to make it go down. The erection usually goes down on its own if the dose is below the exact amount needed but this is somewhat of an educated guess determined by your medical history and current status.

Dose adjustments are common on early users and in time the best dose and mix will be


Manscaping is a personal; choice, not needed or medical.

Hopefully, this will ease your concerns. Good luck.

They say to “go low” tritrating. I think you are safe starting at 2 units which is a small amount. A standard insulin syringe holds 10 units. I would also put on a “cock ring” retention band before injection. It will plump up your penis and you can avoid hitting any visible veins. Also if you have leakage (a cause of Ed) it will prevent the Trimix from going back in your body before it is absorbed. If this doesn’t produce a good erection, try again the next day injecting on the opposite side. I would not go up more than 1 unit at a time. Repeat as necessary until you find a dose that works for you. I tritated up to 5 until I learned the trick using a retention band. 3.1 units does a good job for me.

2) No

3) I do manscape a bit to avoid getting pubic hairs tangled in the retention band. You can skip if you are careful. It depends on how hairy you are.

4) My urologist PA is a female. They have seen Dicks of all sizes, shapes, and conditions. They are clinical and I wouldn’t worry about this, or let it bother you. Trust me they only care about your health, and doing a good job. They are professional.

Good Luck

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JPnSD in reply to Tom-slick

My insulin syringes (standard) hold 100 units...not 10. I was specifically told not to use any retention bands or rings. Consult with your Urologist before using these devices with injections. One thing is cautioned - DO NOT TAKE OTHER ED MEDS (Viagra, etc.) WITH THESE INJECTION DRUGS!!!

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Tom-slick in reply to JPnSD

You are right. The syringe is logged by tens but with large dark 1, 2, ...thru 10 there is a small 0 after the large integer, and between the large integers are small marks delineating tenths. I didn’t use the right nomenclature to avoid confusion.

Regarding using a retention band. I do it for the reasons stated. You don’t have a full erection. It just plumps it up. I got this tip from another site, and several men at that do it, and my Urologist didn’t see any problem.

P.s. I never did the doctor office test. Did it myself at home. Recommend an auto injector like Owen Mumford autoject. This is the strength of my Trimix

Tri-Mix standard

•Prostaglandin E1 5.88ug/ml

•Papaverine HCl 18mg/ml

•Phentolamine Mesylate 0.6mg/ml

The strength that I have been prescribed is :


10 MCG-30 MG 1MG/ML

I did wait until could get instructions from my Dr. He started me with small dose (20 ml based on strength of my prescription). He asked if he wanted me to do it myself or have him. I had him walk me through it myself. He left and came back in about 15 min. Took a look at results. Explained I might need a bit more. Gave me instructions on how to increase a small amount at a time on my own to find best result for me. Explained what to do if lasted too long and timeframes. Told me to use at least twice a week. Told me to let him know if stopped working as well and he would adjust prescription to different mix. (I've had that done once at about 2 year mark.) If not too much used, does go down on it's own like normal.

It did take me several times after getting these instructions to get it exactly right each time. You get better with practice.

For me I have had hardest and longest erections of my life using trimix. However, it is a pain to be spontaneous at times. (Like hold on, need to go give myself a shot in the middle of making out.) My wife is supportive so not been too bad.

Sorry that was 20 units not ml. Using an insulin syringe

I have had very good results with TriMix at a very low dosage. You should use it first in the doctor's office with oversight to see that you get the right dosage. Then I was able to administer it myself but I still occasionally miss the right tissue and then it doesn't work. Remember too that it must be refrigerated, very important.

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