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Question about TRIMIX needle.


I am new to Trimix (Got a prescription that is yet to be filled). The doctor did not specify which kind of needle to use with Trimix.

1. What is the thinnest needle I cam use with TRIMIX?

2. Can I use my Insulin syringe (32 G, 1 cc)?

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I use 1cc, 31g, 5/16 inch syringe. Works great.

Massdow in reply to baw1955

Can I use a 32 G needle? (I think a 32 G needle hurts less than a 31 G needle?)

Also how long does it take before one gets an erection?

Does that feel different from a natural erection. and does the erection go away after an ejaculation?

baw1955 in reply to Massdow

I cannot comment on 32g vs 31g, other than to say they're pretty similar.

My Trimix is: 30mg/1mg/10mcg per ML. I use a 0.15cc dose. The erection feels very natural, takes about 10 minutes for 100% firmness, and time to flaccid varies (anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes). Watchout for injection site (very important). Study Peyronie's too.

I think your doctor also has to write a prescription for the needles. The one that I used was a very tiny insulin needle

I use insulin syringes as per my urologist's instructions. Doesn't really hurt, especially now that I'm used to it I no longer have any trepidation about the routine.

My Uro prescribed a 30 G x 1/2" long needle and my formula is 30mg/2mg/10mc.


My Trimix came with the needle and syringe one for each injection

I went on a Vacation from Lupron so did not need Trimix for now

Happy times

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