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Keeping it up at 74


Can I use a cock ring after shooting .7 trimix? Or will there be a counteraction? My penis is NOT "rock hard," as many report, after shooting up. With a cock ring only I can be really engorged for a while but it doesn't last forever. I'd rather NOT use trimix. Any thoughts? Also, will 50 mg. Viagra work with 5 mg. "daily" Cialis. (One reference suggests they work against each other.) In general, how do you get it up and keep it up? (BTW, I'm 74 but try to be very active sexually.)

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I’m in a different situation to you having suffered nerve damage that stopped me maintaining the weakest of erection but Cialis did help and my cock doctor said that taking 20 mg wasn’t dangerous for me. I was 35 at the time.

NB I’ve now had Erectile implants fitted which has fixed my problem


Chevy786 in reply to Mads1975

How much was the implant and was it covered by insurance??

Mads1975 in reply to Chevy786

Hi Chevy, I live in the UK so the cost is covered by our National Health Service. I’m sure if you Google it you can get prices.

kerall in reply to Mads1975

That's good to hear, thank you for sharing! I would also like to recommend that you guys have a look at the meds from for example. I think you might find something interesting and working for you there, good luck with it!

I'm also 74. I use 60 units and a cock ring. The cock ring I use is new on the market. It's called Xialla. The combination work very well with me.


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