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How often can newbie trimix user inject for sex -- how many hours apart -- how often in a week?

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I have a chance for sex for the first time in a year. I will be using trimix for the first time. (3 tryouts by myself alone -- solo -- before now to mixed reviews.) The doctor and what I generally read says only 3 times a week, with 24 hours between the first two and a couple of days before the last. (My doc actually said 36 hours between but he's very conservative in his advice.) Assuming everything goes as it's projected to be, how many nights (or times) in a row can we safely get away with. Also, I had been on cialis but had trouble with psychological dysfunction. I have some left. Can I safely take one/some a day between shots (or whatever). In other words, we want sex and a lot of it. Also the prescription was for .3 units. Can I go .5 units? Also, how long does trimix last in the freezer? I read about sex stars shooting up all the time. Do I assume that's dangerous? I have sudafed on hand just in case.

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I can't recall taking my injection closer than two days apart. There are guys on another site ( ... see "Injections) who will say you can inject more frequently and combine with Viagra/Cialis, I'm more conservative (and my wife not into daily sex). Good that you have the Sudafed, you may need it.

Allow me to caution you about something that could cost your life.

I made the mistake of taking two shots within about two hours of each other.As you may know, the injections work because they relax smooth muscle tissue. I was never told by any of the docs that the heart is also smooth muscle tissue. When you take an injection your blood pressure goes down somewhat.

When I took the second dose my BP fell very rapidly and within a few minutes I became so weak I could not stand up. I have no idea how low my blood pressure went but I had to immediately lie down and the only words I could say was “somethings wrong“. There was no one else around so I had to just lie there and lie steal until my body recover enough that I could get up. I was very low on energy for several hours.

A nurse practitioner later told me I almost killed myself.

Listen to your doc and don’t take chances


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When I was using trimix the doctor told me no more than 1 injection within 24 hours.

thanks. what abaout how many times a week? three?

I was told that after 24 hours you could use the trimix again as long as it was 24 hour before you used the trimix again.

Here’s my experience with the trimix. Leave it alone. I used it for about 6 months increasing the dosage because I wasn’t getting the “results “ and I even started adding cialis with it and after using both I finally stopped the trimix and ended up with scar tissue on top of my shaft and a big indention on the side. I also shrunk 2 inches but I’m not sure that the trimix caused that. But if I was u I would look into either a penis pump with penis rings once the desired size is reached or go back to the pill and increase the dosage but talk to ur doctor about it first. Also I was told trimix lasted about a month in the freezer maybe a little longer and I was using it about 3 to 4 times every couple weeks but was told about every 2-3 days was safe

Good luck

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