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Having trouble maintaining an erection?

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I am 80 years young and am sharing this with any men interested in the the above topic.

I have been doing this for about 3 years now with great success. NOTE: I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING. I take 2 each L-Arginine 500 mg capsules/day/every day. This helps increase circulation in the penis and other parts of the body as well. (read up on it) to see.

Now, when I am getting ready to engage in some sex, I do this. even if I am just going to just masturbate BY myself, I use my "FLESH LIGHT, which is wonderful. Someone finally made a GREAT tool for a male. I use the same procedure as I would if I am going to have oral sex or any other sex. I have my Doc Johnson cock ties handy and ready to use. If you have't used one before, try it. You cinch it down on the bottom of your shaft when you are hard or even semi-hard. Do not leave it on more than 30 minutes. After you cum,or just before you cum, you can loosen it. If you are going to go another round then just loosen it, then cinch up again when you are ready. Otherwise just take it off.

IMP: Lastly, 2 hours before your performance, take 2 each of the Leyzene capsules to get your erection started or increase the firmness. This is foreplay time as you will know when it is time to "go to work". Get these items as they work well. I have some friends that have tried this and love the combo. So, it is not just me.

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You mentioned Leyzene capsules. What are those? I haven't found anything about them on Google. Thanks.

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I get them on Amazon. Just type in the name and you will see them. Also suggest the cock ties by Doc Johnson. Send me e-mail if you wish. I will send you info on them.

kenkotherm@gmail.com Be well.

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mark32 in reply to Magman1938

Hi , sorry to bother you - just asked about the cock tie , i cant find them on amazon , the dic johnson one anyway

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Send me information on Doc Johnson ties,had Prostatectomy surgery!!!

While you're at it, check out Giddy and Xialla, the new ED devices on the block. These are going to be superior to Doc's ties, the vacuum pump, or any other device -- because they are engineered to apply pressure, drawing blood up there, and inhibiting the outflow. Non-constricting is very different than the constricting done by cock-rings!

And if course, my own device is called the Loop, and it has saved my erections and libido during ADT.

We've stepped over the threshold into a new era of substantial ED relief and support. These devices will be invaluable in treating ED in general, but especially those men who need help the most -- us.

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They are available on Amazon along with Cock ties.

Please give me the link for the Arginine and the flesh light

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Magman1938 in reply to Edabrams

L-Arginine 500 mg/Amazon. I use the Now brand.

Google Flesh light, I would go to You Tub and type in

the Flesh light and watch a few demos.

Exercises help a lot to bring about desired changes. But there are a lot of men out there with jam-packed schedules that refrains them from trying out these exercises. It is not that they can't but they are unable to.

I would suggest them to try & trust the formula of a natural male enhancement. These supplements are making it big in the market. These unlock sexual happiness by treating ED, premature ejaculation or Penis Enlargement. But only natural supplements will do the work for you. These testosterone boosters or male enhancement supplements are great to go!

is it safe to put a "lasso" tight enough to hold an erection behind both the balls and penis

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